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The 4 element Olympics

Air – Earth – Water – Fire

To begin the games, the gods march in. They are dressed accordingly und enter the room with torches and scrolls. The introduce themselves and explain the game. (The elements are no longer working in harmony with each other. The elements will come together again only if the tasks are performed correctly....)

Requirements: Garments for the gods: white sheets, crown of leaves,...

The gods are also responsible for the medal ceremony. Medals can possibly be made from clay.

Different games are set up according to the different elements. The children are split into 10 groups. Each group must perform all of the games at the various stations. Each group receives a passbook which is signed by the group leader responsible for the game. The game is over once all signatures have been collected and the winners receive their prizes on the same evening, during the evening show.

The group leaders have a list, in which the exact times for each group and task are recorded. As soon as all groups have taken part in the game, the group leader can award the points. The group with the best time, receives 10 points, the second best team 9 points and so on...

Air Element

  1. Feather blowing

    The group is supplied with a feather. The kids must take turns to keep a feather up in the air. Each kid will be timed how long they keep a feather up only by blowing. When the feather falls, it is the next players turn. The group leader must keep a list of the „feather blowing time“of each player.

    Requirements: Feather, stopwatch

  2. Blowing an air bed up

    Each group must blow up an air bed (with several sections) together. The time will be taken.

    Requirements: Air bed, stopwatch

  3. Blow a ball through a drainpipe

    The group must blow a wooden ball through a 3m long drainpipe. The drainpipe should be laid horizontally on a table or bench. The time needed to perform the task will be recorded.

    Requirements: Drainpipe, wooden ball, bench, stopwatch

  4. Shooting points

    The group leader prepares a large board, which is divided into point categories (like a target). Each player must throw a coin onto the board. The total points achieved by each player are recorded. No points are awarded if the coin falls off the board.

    Requirements: Board, pen, coins, table

Earth Element

  1. Football

    The kids must shoot a football (with the foot) into a hole at a distance of approx 3-5 m – a basketball hoop laid on the ground for example. Each player has two goes. One point is awarded for each goal. The points are recorded in a list and the best team is awarded with 10 points.

    Requirements: Ball, ring

  2. 1 kg Earth

    There are 2 buckets at this station. One bucket is filled with earth. The children must try to fill 1kg of earth into the empty bucket. They must estimate 1kg. The team who is closest to 1kg receives the most points.

    Requirements: 2 buckets, sack of earth, scales

  3. Sorting

    The children must recognise the various materials by touch. The stones, sand, pebbles and earth should be sorted into groups whilst blindfolded.

    Requirements: Blindfold, stones, pebbles & other materials

  4. Transporting earth

    The children (each player in one group) must transport a spoon full of earth with the spoon in his mouth over a certain distance. The player with the most earth in the bucket wins.

    Requirements: Earth, spoons, a bucket, optional: obstacle course.

  5. Tent pegs

    Each child must hammer a tent peg into the ground. The time required for the task is recorded. Whoever is the quickest receives the most points.

    Requirements: tent pegs, mallet, stopwatch and maybe a plaster!

Water Element

  1. Ladle obstacle course

    Each child must complete an obstacle course while transporting a ladle of water, which he then empties into a barrel. The group with the most water in the barrel at the end of the game receives the most points.

    Requirements: Ladle, water, barrels, obstacle course

  2. Fishing for apples

    The players must fish apples out of a barrel. Each player has 20 seconds to fish an apple, then it the next players turn. The player, who has fished the most apples out in the given time, receives the most points.

    Requirements: Large barrel filled with water, stopwatch

  3. Melting ice cubes

    Each group has the task of melting 20 ice cubes. They have approx. 3 minutes to perform the task (try out beforehand how long it takes to melt one ice cube). The fluid which has been produced in the given time is measured. The team with the most water is awarded the most points.

    Requirements: Ice cube bags, freezer, bowl, measuring jug, stopwatch.

  4. Transporting water

    The players must transport water using their hands over a distance of approx. 5m. At the beginning of the game, a barrel full of water is positioned at the beginning of the course. On the other side is an empty barrel. The water must be transported between the two barrels. A relay race can also take place by tagging the next player. Each player can transport water 3 times.

    Requirements: 2 large barrels, water

  5. Squirting

    The children must squirt water from a water pistol into a bottle with a funnel. The bottle is hung up at a distance of 1m. Each child may squirt the pistol twice. The group with the most water receives the most points.

    Requirements: Water pistol, water bottle, funnels.

Fire Element

  1. Dripping wax

    A design is drawn on a board. The players must try to melt wax from candles onto the design. The time limit is 3 minutes. Whoever has covered the largest area with wax in this time, wins the most points.

    Requirements: Candles, lighter, board with design, stopwatch

  2. Pass on the candle

    The group must make a line with a suitable distance between the players. A candle is passed down the line. The time is recorded how long it takes for the last player to bring the candle over the finishing line. If the candle goes out, they must start again from the beginning of the line. The team, who manages the task in the quickest time, receives the most points.

    Requirements: candles, lighter, stopwatch

Find some modelling clay. Medals should be produced from the clay. Do this at least one day earlier so that they have time to dry.

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