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Banana Joe | An evening with bananas

This material was provided by the Christian Youth of Germany, the Rock Solid Club. The Rock Solid Club is a place where teenagers can experience something they do not experience anywhere else. There are crazy games, events and discussion groups and there is bible work...


A theme evening with a message for young people – give being a Christian a try


Due to the fact that you will need a lot of bananas (2-3 times more than the number of participants), you should try to make sure that the costs do not go sky high. You could ask each player to bring a banana as an entry fee. You could also try to get your local grocery store to sponsor the evening. They are also bound to be able to give you poster or pictures of bananas (advertisement displays). The stickers which appear on most bananas can be used to decorate the player's foreheads. You can even suggest that the guests dress in the appropriate banana colours (yellow, green and brown). Suitable music for the evening might be something from the group "Bananarama" or music from the jungle book.

GAME 1: Banana dance

Aim: A relay race game where the players must pass the banana along the row.

Length: 5 minutes

Material: Bananas, stools


Split the group into equal sized teams and sit them down in the four corners of a square (4 teams) or in a triangle (3 teams) etc. One of the teams always makes up one side of the square/triangle. The stool is placed in the middle. The player sitting on the far right hand side receives a banana. The relay begins on your signal. The player jumps up, runs to the stool and then to the left end of the row. In the meantime the players have all moved one place to the right so that the left hand place is free - this is the runner's seat. Once seated, he hands the banana to the right. It is passed along until it reaches the new first person. He now stands up, runs to the stool etc. Each team does the same and carries on until the first player is back in his original seat and has the banana. He doesn't run again but eats the banana now. The first team to complete the relay and eat the banana has won.

GAME 2: Water bananas

Aim: The players try to eat a banana which is in a bowl of water.

Length: 5 minutes

Material: Bowls with water, bananas, table


Place several large bowls of water on a table – one for each team – and place a peeled banana in each one.


Choose a volunteer from each team and explain to them what the task is. They must - without using any hands – fish the bananas out of the water and bite off a piece so that rest falls back into the water. Carry on until the banana is eaten. The first person to complete the task is the winner.

GAME 3: Banana race

Aim: The teams sit in a circle and must pass a banana around the circle with their feet.

Length: 5 minutes

Material: Bananas


Everyone takes off their shoes and sits with their group in a circle on the floor. On your signal the players start passing the banana around the circle. Agree on a time limit and tell the leaders to make sure that the stations are performed orderly. The teams receive one point for each station but lose a point if a hand is used or if the banana is dropped. Once the time is up, the leaders give the players their points scores – the team with the most points wins.

GAME 4: Obstacle bananas

Aim: Pairs carry a banana through an obstacle course as quickly as possible using their teeth.

Length: 5 minutes

Material: Bananas, obstacles, sticky tape


Build an obstacle course (stools to climb over, table to crawl under etc.) and mark out a starting line.


Choose a pair from each team (boy/girl) and position them behind a starting line. Each pair receives a banana which they must hold between their teeth (at top and bottom ends). The hands are kept behind the back. The obstacle course starts on the command. The first team back to the starting point is the winner.

INFO... Banana pusher

Aim: The banana is passed around a circle. The notes are pushed into slits in the bananas.

Length: 5 minutes

Material: News, bananas, knives and music


Write a few instructions down which relate to your announcements,. e.g.:

  • Sing "Happy Birthday" for ...;
  • Shake hands with everyone who is here for the first time today and say “welcome”!;
  • But some penalties must also be written down: Eat a banana without using any hands;
  • Walk around the circle balancing a banana on your head;
  • Eat a banana which is passed around the circle etc.
  • ...
  • ...
  • (You should have a total of around 10 instructions.)

Cut slits into 2-3 bananas with a knife.


Everyone sits in a circle. Put some music on and push the first task into one of the bananas. The banana should be passed around the circle until the music stops. The player now holding the banana must take out the instruction and read it out. If the message is an announcement, explain it if required. If it is a penalty, the person must perform the penalty task. Then you put the next note in the banana and carry on with the game until all announcements and penalties have been performed.

GAME 5: Banana feet

Aim: Volunteers must peel a banana with their feet.

Length: 5 minutes

Material: Stools, newspapers, bananas and paper towels


Choose some volunteers (one from each team) to sit on a stool. Place newspaper down on the ground underneath them and tell them to take off their shoes and socks. Give everyone a banana with a bent stalk so that the start is easier.


On the signal they must try to peel the bananas with their feet. The first or the most successful player has won. Give them paper towels to clean their feet.

GAME 6: Banana relay

Aim: The teams must complete different tasks with bananas in the shortest time possible.

Length: 5 minutes

Material: Instructions, bags, bananas


Write different instructions on single pieces of paper one for each player in a team such as:

  • Drop a banana under your clothes from collar to ankle.
  • Hold two bananas like horns on your head and act like a bull.
  • Tickle a players bare feet with a banana.
  • Throw a banana to the ceiling and catch it again.
  • Sit on a banana and squash it.
  • Walk out of the room with a banana between your knees.
  • Balance a banana on your finger for 5 seconds.

Prepare a copy of the tasks for each team and place them in a bag in the middle of the room. The teams should sit at the side of the room. Allocate a bag to each team. Give each team four bananas.


One player from each team runs one after the other to their bag and picks out a task then runs back to their team. The player reads out the task and performs it. One leader per team should make sure that this is done correctly. The first team to complete the tasks has won.

GAME 7: Banana faces

Aim: Volunteers take part in a banana eating competition.

Length: 5 minutes

Material: Table, bananas


Choose a few volunteers with “big mouths” (one from each team) and sit them at a table with 4-5 bananas.


On the start signal, they start eating the bananas. The first to eat all of their bananas or the most in a certain amount of time has won.

GO... Banana sketch

Length: 10 minutes

Material: Sketch (see below), bananas, bags, costumes (if required)


You choose the leaders who are going to play the different roles in advance. They should practice beforehand. Four people from the group can however play the roles of A, B, C and D while the leader plays the role R (this must be practised as well).


The sketch works best when the “Input” follows.

Input... Test the best

Aim: You can only find out what God is like if you try him out.

Length: 5 minutes

Material: Unusual fruits or foods (exotic fruit which is relatively unknown), spoons


Buy exotic fruits or mix some food colouring in a pudding so that it looks awful.


Show everyone the fruit/food and let them guess what it could be. Then the volunteers should smell it to guess what it is. At the end of the game, look for someone who is brave enough to taste the strange food. He should describe how it tastes before the others are allowed to try. Say that the sketch and this introduction has a hidden meaning. Being a Christian can be like a strange fruit, something which I have not tasted before. If I have never tried it, I cannot say what it tastes like and how it is. Explain the sketch in detail, if you like, by listing the excuses people give to not have to take Jesus and God seriously.

In the group session, the leaders tell the group about God, what he is like and what is like to be a Christian. This might interest some people but if we do not invite God to come into our private lives we can never know what it really means to be a Christian; what it is to experience God's forgiveness and love. The only way of finding out what God is like is to try him out personally. The bible says: Taste and see how friendly the Lord is. (Psalm 34,8) Why don't you simply give it a go?

GAME 8: Banana ball

Aim: The teams must score goals by throwing a banana into a bucket which is guarded by a goal keeper.

Length: 5-10 minutes

Material: Bucket, stools, bananas, whistles


Split the group into two equal sized teams who each choose a goal keeper. The keeper will be placed on a stool holding a bucket on the opposite side from his team. Throw one or two green bananas into the room – the players may:

  • Not run with the banana
  • Not touch the player in possession of the banana
  • Only pass the banana on with their hands

A goal counts when a banana lands in a bucket allocated to the team's goal keeper. A leader should keep a record of the points score. Keep a few reserve bananas ready in case one or two get squashed. More than one banana in the game means more action!

CRUNCH... Banana shooting

Aim: Pairs play against each other and try to peel a banana with one hand and mush it into the opponent's face.

Length: 5 minutes

Material: Bananas, paper towels, prizes


Choose one or more pairs of volunteers and give each of them a banana in one hand. The other hand must be kept behind the back. Each player must now take three paces backwards. On the "peel" command, both start to peel the banana and try to be first to mush it into the partner's face. The other hand must always be kept behind the back. The winner is the first one to manage this. Give everyone a paper towel to clean off and clear the rubbish away. Play several rounds with winner stays on and semi-final and final where the winners of the two semi finals meet each other. The prize is the permission to eat all the edible bananas left over.

CRUNCH II: Banana Split

Aim: All of the Rockies make the longest banana split in the world (approx. 8m long) and eat it up

Length: 45 minutes

Material: Bananas, vanilla ice-cream, chocolate sauce, cream, aluminium foil and a gutter.


If you look time required you will see that you will have to leave out some games to carry out this very attractive event. You should send out invitations or make a press announcement beforehand. This is a fantastic opportunity to invite new people. The gutter is cleaned and lined with aluminium foil. On the signal, the Rockies fill the gutter with ice-cream, bananas, cream and chocolate sauce. A photo is taken at the end and everything is eaten up.



  • Four bananas in a bag


  • R – Richard Apple, salesman
  • A – A rich lady
  • B – A hippie
  • C – A worried man
  • D - A normal (?) person
(A,B,C,D stand in a row with their backs to the audience)
R: (comes in carrying a bag) Hello! How are you? I am Richard Apple and I want to sell something today. Today is a special day – I am handing little tasters of my goods today! No con – a real gift! Ladies and gentlemen! I have a brand new product in this bag - something which you have never seen, tasted, heard, touched or smelt before! It will amaze you, make you happy and knock you off your feet! I don’t want to keep you in suspense any longer ! It is – A BANANA! (pulls a banana out of the bag.) Yes, it really is a banana and you, my ladies and gentlemen, are lucky enough to be the first to witness the public presentation of the special product. (Points to A,B,C,D) Simple people from the neighbourhood – who have never had the pleasure of tasting a banana...(turns to A) Hello! How are you today?
A: (turns around) Hello, who are you?
R: I am Richard Apple.
A: Ah ha, and what are you selling?
R: I don’t sell, I give away!
A: What then?
R: We call it...a banana! (presents a banana)
A: Oh, (she takes the banana) a banana, how nice, how great! And it doesn’t costs anything?
R: Eat it!
A: Well, (pause) maybe another time – thank you for you call, good day to you! (throws the banana in the air, R catches it in his bag, A turns around with her back to the audience again)
R: We’ll never be able to impress them all (goes to B) Hello! How are you today?
B: (turns around) Hello, who are you?
R: I am Richard Apple.
B: Ah ha, and what are you selling?
R: I don’t sell, I give away!
B: What then?
R: We call it...a banana! (presents a banana)
B: Cool! (Takes the banana) It’s really ... free! Really... yellow! Really... curvy! It’s so strange! It smells strange and feels strange, man!
R: Eat it!
B: Really - now? Cool idea (eats the banana with skin) uh, that is not cool at all, man! (turns around again)
R: We’ll never be able to impress them all (goes to C) Hello! How are you today?
C: (turns around) Hello, who are you?
R: I am Richard Apple.
C: Ah ha, and what are you selling?
R: I don’t sell, I give away!
C: What then?
R: We call it...a banana! (presents a banana)
C: Will it take my cares away? (Takes the banana)
R: Eat it! Who knows...
C: Oh, I haven’t any time to eat - sorry. But I’ll try it anyway.
A: (turns away) Darling!...
B: (turns away) Daddy!...
D: (turns away) Hello, my friend!...
R: You see- my time is taken up.
A: (turns away) Darling! Let the cat out?
B: (turns away) Dad! Can you fix my bike?
D: (turns away) Hello, my friend! You owe me money!
C: Oh oh, I have to be quick...
(A,B,D call out together)
C: I ONLY HAVE TWO HANDS! (crushes the banana) Oh oh! (turns around again)
R: We’ll never be able to impress them all (goes to C) Hello! How are you today?
D: (turns around) Hello, who are you?
R: I am Richard Apple.
D: Ah ha, and what are you selling?
R: I don’t sell, I give away!
D: What then?
R: We call it...a banana! (presents a banana)
D: And what should I do with that? (Takes the banana)
R: Eat it!
D: But how?
R: You have to peel it first.
D: Peel it? I have never seen something so wonderful before! Go on! (Peels the banana and takes a bite) Tasty! Super! Wonderful! (to the audience) See and taste how good it is! (offers a banana) Try it! Take a bite, it is tasty, super, fantastic! (turns his back to the audience again)
R: Giving bananas away is like telling people about Jesus. Some people say...
A: (turns around) No thanks, not interested!
R: Another says...
B: (turns around) I have tried it but it doesn’t suit me. It won’t work!
R: Another might say...
C: (turns around) It would be very nice but I simply so many other things to do.
R: But some say...
D: (turns around) He is super! He is wonderful!

Rock Solid Club
This material was provided by the Christian Youth of Germany, the Rock Solid Club. The Rock Solid Club is a place where teenagers can experience something they do not experience anywhere else. There are crazy games, events and discussion groups and there is bible work...

There is a special club night for the Rockies every four weeks. Something crazy happens here such as a car race, pizza party, Banana-Joe or town rally. Rock Solid also means bringing fun back into youth work. The Rock Solid Club programs are specially developed to reach the particular questions, needs and interests of young people.

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