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Winter-Beach party

Preparation time: > 30 minutes
No. people: 10+
Duration: 2 hours
Material cost: very high
Age: 14+
Location: indoors
Season: Winter
Activity level: medium
Materials: Raffia mats, blankets, sun-umbrellas, straw mats and hats, cocktails & drinks, computer game, projector, PC, beach ball, palm trees, stereo system.
Aim: To bring summertime to winter
Summary: A beach party in the group hall. Set up the evening as if it were peak summertime. The more creative and elaborate, the more realistic and relaxing the party will be.


A ‘chill-out’ evening with various activity stations and games for the teenagers and young adults. Aside from the games and activities, eating drinking and chatting should be possible. Decorating the room nicely with raffia mats, palms, blankets, sun-umbrellas, straw hats and Caribbean music all seeks to create a good atmosphere

  • Game station 1: Computer-Beach volleyball

    The Beach volleyball game is called Blooby and can e.g. be downloaded at Chip.

  • Game station 2: the holiday photo

    At the photo-stations you have two options. Either obtain a large poster with a Caribbean beach and a palm tree on it, take pictures in front of it and develop them (or using a digital camera display the pictures by connecting to the projector). Alternatively you can take the photos in front of a blank white wall and then use the PC to cut out the photos and integrate them into a picture.

  • Game station 3: Beach ball

    If you do not have a large room, the beach ball game has to simply be played outside.

  • Game station 4: Cocktail mixing

    Various juices are available for use. At the cocktail-mixing-contest, 3 candidates can compete. The jury consists of the public.

  • Game station 5: the best decorated Palm

    Nicely decorate a plastic palm tree. Which team will succeed in being the most original?

  • Game station 6: the coolest beach song

    Which team can sing the coolest beach song?

  • Game station 7: the coolest summer story

    Each team creates a short summer tale and presents their story afterwards.

  • Game station 8: the best Limbo- or beach dance

    Which team or candidate can perform the best dance?

  • Further ideas

    • Creating the best sand card
    • Who can dunk their heads for the longest in a bowl of water
    • Creating something nice out of fruit
    • Relay using water
    • Beach picture

A contribution from Ronnie Berzins

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