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Biblical adventure game based on “A dead girl and a sick woman”

Mark 5, 21ff

Main thoughts: Adventure – game

Target: The healing of Jairus’ daughter.

Game plan and explanations:

The groups are running around in the playing area and only hear something about Jairus and his story at the beginning and receive a small hint about where his house is. A few people meet up in the woods; these people give the others hints about the game plan. They receive things from these people which they will need to heal Jairus’ daughter.

The things/objects you will need are:

  • A bible or…
  • …the right words so that the child awakes.
  • Food – because the child is hungry.
  • A voucher for a personal bible verse from the Messiah!

To win the game, the group must:

  1. Find Jairus’ house and find out that they must waken the child.
  2. Get the people in front of the house, who are hindering entry, to move out of the way by winning them over with the voucher.
  3. Find the right words or read a part of the bible so that the child awakens.
  4. Give the child food because she is hungry.

Players for the adventure game:

  • Jairus:

    Pleads for help for his daughter and shows the players the way to his house.

  • People in front of the house:

    They are crying and saying that the child is dead. They do not let anyone in but they say that if they were to hear the words of the Messiah, they would leave.

  • Daughter:

    Plays dead and only wakes up once she receives the things she needs.

  • Doctor:

    He promises that he can heal everyone for money (totally useless).

  • Worker:

    Gives employment: Money is earned for every snowball (or any other completion of a task – see collection of games)!

  • Bible seller:

    Sells bibles for 5 - 10 gold pieces.

  • Scripture scholars:

    He knows the words (TALITA KUM), which will awaken the child (does not cost anything but he needs a lot of encouragement.)

  • 1. dealer:

    Sells food (1 - 3 gold pieces)

  • 2. dealer:

    Sells bible verses - vouchers (4 - 6 gold pieces)

  • Soldier:

    He wants to stop the miracle from happening. He takes the groups money away.

Things you will need:

  • Players: approx. 9 members of staff who take over the various roles. Jairus tells his story to the group at the beginning but then plays the part of the doctor!
  • Vouchers (dependent on the number of players plus reserves)
  • Food (can also be represented symbolically by pieces of paper)
  • Bibles (depending of the number of groups)
  • Money: The groups do not receive any start capital. Depending on the game plan, you will need a minimum of 5 and up to 19 gold pieces. You can earn money from the worker. For each minute the group works as a whole to make snowballs (or any other task), they receive 1 piece of gold.

Game concept:

The adventure game idea was developed and tested by Johannes Markus Drechsler and provided to Praxis- Jugendarbeit (youthwork-practice).

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