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The big race | bike rally

Short description:

4 teams manoeuvre their way around a course with a bike through ………………. and the surrounding area. On the way around the course the teams must prove their rally skills at the different stations. At each station the group members can collect points for their driving licence and at the end of the game a boy’s brigade bicycle licence is issued. The station rally can be performed with station leaders, which does require a higher number of leaders, or the group’s leader must explain the task at each station, measure and judge the performance. This version does, however, mean that the different leaders all have to use the same measuring and judging criteria. A judging scale/points scale should be worked out beforehand but you can also use an estimation system. The materials required for each station must be placed in position before the start of the game

Game rules:

  • Group 1 starts in the …………..direction.
    Group 2 starts 5 minutes after group 1 in the same direction.
    Group 3 starts in the opposite direction to ………………. at the same time as group 1.
    Group 4 starts 5 minutes later than group 3 in the same direction.
    The stations are numbered and are visited in increasing/decreasing order.

  • Should a station be occupied the leader in charge of the following group must keep them at a distance so that no advantage/disadvantage occurs.

  • Max. number of points: 30 points.

  • The number of points which must be achieved to get the driving licence: 20 points

  • The best candidate receives a little prize.

Location of the stations (information for the leaders):

  • Station 0: ……………………………………

  • Station 1: ……………………………………

  • Station 2: ……………………………………

  • Station 3: ……………………………………

  • Station 4: ……………………………………

  • Station 5: ……………………………………

  • Station 6: ……………………………………


  • Folder
  • Old tyres without rims
  • 1 stop watch for each group
  • 1 pen for each group
  • Sticky tape
  • Chalk or other marking
  • Spray paint (if required)
  • Log
  • Driving licences (make a nice sample, stick it onto card and laminate it.)
  • Copies of the tasks (one copy for each group)
  • Marking bands
  • Route description (one per group)

Judging sheet / Running note


Judging table Name:

Station 0

Brake max. 2 points






Station 1


Station 2


Station 3


Station 4


Station 5


Station 6


Games stations

  • Station 0: Bike efficiency

    The bike will be checked for efficiency and traffic safety before the race. For each working brake, light, air pressure and bell, one point is awarded. One point is deducted for every loose screw.

  • Station 1: Acceleration capability

    Each group member transports the tyre in front of them as quickly as possible through the marked out course. Each group member only has one go. The time is recorded for each individual player.

  • Station 2: Standing

    The task is to ride the bike onto a marked out area (approx. 30 cm wide and almost 2m long) and then to stand still on the bike as long as possible without touching the ground with your feet. Each group member only has one go. The stopwatch is started when the whole bike is inside the markings. The time is recorded for each individual player.

  • Station 3: Sight test

    The group chief’s (leader) sight will be checked because a sight test is part of a driving test! The group members hide in a marked out area of woods. The leader of each group tries to find all of his group members. He is not allowed to leave his marked out area. (The loser is the first one to be found etc.)

  • Station 4: Obstacles

    Each group member rides through an obstacle course against the clock. The time required is taken for each player.

  • Station 5: Condition

    Everyone rides around a little course and tries to complete as many rounds/get as far as possible within 5 minutes.

  • Station 6: End spurt

    Each group members runs over the given distance to collect a log lying there and brings it back. Each player only has one try. The time needed is taken individually.

See other station ideas here:

Ideas for a bike/motor bike rally


The big race

„To go the starting line and be in the race until the end.”

Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus
Philippians chapter 3, verses 12 – 14

Anyone taking part in a bike rally takes part voluntarily – everyone wants to manage it and reach the finishing line. What does it mean: to win a race?

You must take the start position

  • First of all you must consider: Do I want this?
  • Do I have the information needed? Can I risk it?

Paul also had to consider this first: Do I want to go with Jesus? He had the information about Jesus. You are sure to have the information from your group meetings, Sunday school etc. have heard about it or have met people who live with Jesus and have told you about their faith.

How can I run my race with Jesus?

Stamina is important „Starting the race with Jesus” does not mean running a 100m sprint. It does not mean giving your all for a little while and then everything is over quickly. No – this is not how the bible describes the life of a Christian. It is a long distance race. There are a few things which are quite helpful, which maybe even necessary to survive just like you need some equipment to ride a bike (helmet, bike and clothing).

1. Read the bible (regular training and learning).

2. Socialising with others (it is easier in a team – like the team support in the Tour de France)

3. Prayer (the riders in the Tour de France always have an ear piece to stay in touch with the coach - constant radio contact. This is necessary to keep up to date which is like prayer and talking to Jesus. Take the time for yourself; we need permanent contact to God too.

Keep the goal in sight

  • It can sometimes be hard and tiring on the way. Dirt flies (you might be laughed at); others go past you (that makes you exhausted and have less courage).

  • Such a race is hard – you will need lots of breath and stamina. Your legs become heavier and heavier, your back hurts and sweat is running from your forehead. You suddenly wish a thousand more comfortable things for yourself than to run this race.

  • However anyone who makes it to the finishing line has made it. He has proved something to himself and can be proud to have been there. That is a super feeling and a super experience.

  • Anyone who does not lose sight of the goal and wants to achieve something – whatever may happen – he receives the winner’s prize which his peers are also looking for. „I will stay on the road to the goal to win the winners prize. The prize is eternal life to which God has called me through Jesus Christ.” Start the race with Jesus, stay in the race with Jesus and come with him and through him to the goal – whatever may happen -, this is my wish for you.

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