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The following idea was sent in and tested by the boy’s brigade of the FeG HH-Bahrenfeld. Bingo-Quiz is a cross between a game of bingo and a quiz with certain categories and is a game for two teams.

Game preparation

For this game you will need 5 questions in each of the 5 special categories, a game plan on transparent film, marker pens and, if sample questions can be carried over, then you will need a few matchsticks. Each team also needs a piece of paper and a pen.

Each team has their own bingo plan with the numbers 1 to 25 on it. It is important that the numbers are randomly spread out and that the two teams have different bingo boards. Both bingo boards are drawn on transparent film. The categories behind each question should be clear (see example).

The aim of the Bingo-Quiz

The aim of the game is to complete two rows on a bingo board by answering the questions. It is not important whether the rows are vertical, horizontal or diagonal. The rows may also cross.

The game rules

  • One team chooses a number and the same question behind this number is posed to both teams.

  • The answer is written down by both teams.

  • If both teams have an answer or the time is over then the team who chose the number reads out their answer. The other team then reads their answer out. If the reply is correct the team (or both teams) have the number crossed out on their bingo board.

  • Then it is the other team’s turn.

  • If the question is answered incorrectly the field is marked on the plan (loss of field). The filed can no longer be used to make a row.

  • When choosing a number the team should make sure that the number is to their advantage and make sure that the other cannot complete a row with the number.

Sample questions

A further 2000 questions, puzzles and riddles can be found in the category "games for the brain" (quiz collection) in the collection of games

History & geography

  1. Which country is the second largest in the world? (Canada)
  2. Name 5 main countries involved in the 2nd world war? (Germany, England, France, Italy, Japan, Russia, USA)
  3. Which town is the capital of South Africa? a) Johannesburg b) Cape Town c) Pretoria (C is correct)
  4. Who was president of the USA between George Bush and his son George W. Bush? (Bill Clinton)
  5. Which river is the longest in Western Europe which starts in Germany? (Donau)


  1. Who was the German football champion in 2004? (Werder Bremen)
  2. Which German cyclist won the Tour de France 1997? (Jan Ulrich)
  3. In which country did the Olympic Games 2000 take place? (Australia)
  4. Which German tennis star won 3 times at Wimbledon? (Boris Becker)
  5. What are the names of the boxer brothers in the Kinder advert? (The Klitschkows)


  1. How many years did King David rule over Israel? a) 30 b) 40 c) 50 years (b is correct)
  2. How many sons did Jacob have? (12)
  3. Which Psalm is the longest? (119)
  4. Which water did Peter walk on? (The Sea of Galilee)
  5. What was Peter’s job? (Fisherman)

Jokes & quiz

  1. Solve a matchstick puzzle
  2. How many edges does a die have? (12)
  3. Which alphabet is made of lines and dots? (Morse code)
  4. Solve a matchstick puzzle
  5. What day was 25th December 1993? (Christmas)

Animals and nature

  1. What are the breathing organs of a fish called? (Gills)
  2. Does cotton grow on trees or stalks? (On stalks)
  3. Which animal is more intelligent, a dolphin or a chimpanzee? (Dolphin)
  4. Which animal has the longest neck? (Giraffe)
  5. How many legs does a spider have? (8)

Bingo game board for team 1

11 1 5 21 15
22 19 8 12 7
10 4 18 24 20
16 23 2 6 13
3 25 14 17 9

Bingo game board for team 2

3 16 12 24 7
9 22 6 1 15
21 8 20 14 18
13 25 2 19 11
4 17 10 23 5

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