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Bird flu ahoy

  1. Cock’s comb

    Everyone makes a cock’s comb from a toilet roll cardboard, a disposable glove and a piece of wool.

  2. Even a blind hen can find some corn

    One of the boys is blindfolded (blind hen) and must stand in the middle of a circle of chairs. He now shouts out the names of two other players who now have to exchange places. They must not be caught by the blind hen in the middle. If one or the other is caught, they become the next blind hen.

  1. Egg run

    A small obstacle course is built. Each of the players must now transport a table tennis ball on a teaspoon through an obstacle course without dropping the ball. The time taken is recorded. Option: The player is carried piggy back by another player.

  2. Bird flu 1

    A volunteer leaves the room. All of the other players now agree on a sign. Only the bird with bird flu must consciously do something different. The volunteer must now find out which bird is infected. E.g. all birds peer to the right and the infected bird peers to the left.

  3. The chickens are laughing in their coops

    „Jungle boss in the chicken coop“(Hen, chickens and chicken in a pot)

  4. Pecking chickens

    A serviette is “positioned” on the floor. The boys must now try to pick up the serviette with their mouths without using any other body part for assistance and without dropping it.

  5. Bird flu 2

    A murder in Palermo with chickens. The bird flu is going around.

  6. Chickens in the coop

    „Parliament“ will be played. Who will come out on top? The bird flu birds or the normal birds?


Blindfold, toilet paper roll, wool, disposable gloves, table tennis ball, teaspoon and serviettes


„The parable of a sower” (Luke 8,4-8)

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