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Break in

This is a cooperation game for a small group with max. 8-10 players. Sent and given to youth work by Daniel S.


It is our task to steal a box of gold coins from a museum. We must make it through the museum’s security controls and mechanisms. We only have an hour to complete the task. The security man does his rounds and checks everything after every hour on the hour.

Station 1: Code breaker

The numbers 1-30 are written on beer mats, which are spread out around the room. The group has time to look at the numbers and think of strategy how they can remember the position of the numbers. The group must now leave the room. The beer mats are all turned over. Only one player is allowed into the room at one time. They must find the number 1, the next player the number 2 and so on…. Should the group make a mistake, they must start again from the beginning.

Station 2: Laser safety

The group must now make it through the laser security in the museum. Ropes are hung from the ceiling in a corridor. They are not allowed to be touched. If the rope is touched, the player must place one hand in his pocket, which cannot be used from now on. Should a player touch a rope twice (therefore has both hands in his pocket) and then touches the rope a third time, another team member must put a hand in their pocket. If the same player touches a rope a fourth time, 2 other players must put a hand in their pocket and so on.

Station 3: Ground safety

A treasure chest is in the middle of the room. A square is drawn around the treasure chest, which is not allowed to be entered. The group must plan a strategy how to steal the treasure only using a rope.

Should the group manage this, they may keep the treasure!
(Gold treasure = chocolate coins)

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