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Bridge Game


A game plan (see attachment), questions (and a few replacement questions), pencils in different colours. (You have to adjust it to suit the number of groups).


  1. There are four groups and each group is assigned a colour.

  2. Group one names a field, for example A3, and the game leader poses the respective question. If the group is able to answer the question, the field is coloured in with the group’s colour.

    If they do not know the answer the question is passed on a maximum of two times. The field is coloured in once answered correctly.
    If nobody knows the answer the field is crossed out.

  3. For each field they get one point. However: if three fields are connected (a bridge) you get five extra points. (The bridge can go around a corner; but mustn’t be diagonal.) And for each field that meets this construction you get one extra point. Pay attention to which field you select!

  4. The game is played until all fields are allocated.

Another version

Instead of posing questions for each field, you can also pose questions which the whole group has to answer. After answering the question, the field is painted in the colour of the winning team. The other teams get one point less.
(Winner: 4 points, Second: 3 points…)



  1. Who tried to flee when God had given him a challenge?

  2. Who was married to Martin Luther?
    (Katharina von Bora, a runaway nun.)

  3. What is written in Romans 8, 38+39?
    (For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.)

  4. Jonah was thrown in the sea by seamen. How was he saved by God?
    (By a whale)

  5. Who led the nation of Israel out of slavery?


  1. Where were the Israelites kept as slaves?
    (In Egypt)

  2. While his brothers bought cereal in Egypt, Joseph put something in Benjamin’s sack. What was it?
    (A silver goblet)

  3. Who is the son of Abraham and Sarah?

  4. A boy was called into a temple by God. Who was it?

  5. Who told Maria to name her son “Jesus”?
    (An angel)


  1. What was the name of Sara and Abraham’s maid? What was her son called?
    (Hagar and Ismail)

  2. What happened on the hill of Golgatha?
    (Crucifixion of Jesus Christ)

  3. Where did Martin Luther hide, when he was followed by his pursuers?

  4. Where can we find the number 12 in the bible?
    (Disciple, the tribes of Israel, sons of Jacob and 12 stones in the Jordan)

  5. Who was stoned because he told about Jesus Christ?


  1. What is a king of Egypt called?

  2. Where did Martin Luther post his 95 thesis?
    (Wittenberg castle chapel)

  3. Who beat the giant with a simple object?
    (David - with a slingshot)

  4. Where was Jesus born and where was he brought up?
    (Bethlehem / Nazareth)

  5. Where were the two boards with the Ten Commandments kept?
    (Ark of the Covenant)


  1. Which psalm is the best well-known? Recite it together!
    (Psalm 23)

  2. Where did Noah’s journey end?
    (Mountain Ararat)

  3. Who survived a pit of lions?

  4. Who climbed on a tree to see Jesus?

  5. Which animal plays an important part in the tale of Adam and Eve?

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