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Chocolate and Biscuits

Build a wall made from biscuits and chocolate with brilliant tasks, you’re sure to have a tasty evening.

The following ideas comes from Switzerland (youth group Gächlingen- Löhningen) by Maja E. The following games were entered by youthwork-practice but they can also be altered to suit. Maybe it will result in a chocolate evening theme.

Teamwork Tasks:

Using chocolate and biscuits, build a wall with a door.

Goal: Teamwork, Encouraging working with others

Handicap: Each player in the groups of 5 has a handicap: One player is blind (blindfold), one is deaf (ear plugs and military ear protectors), one can’t speak (has a dummy), one has his arms tied behind and back and the other has his legs tied together.

Our kids had to make a wall with a door from chocolate and biscuits which was as nice looking and as stable as possible. (We are working on the theme “Book of Nehemiah” at the moment). For these tasks an oven, pan, water, tin cans, aluminium foil, biscuits and chocolate should be available. We had planned to do the whole thing outside on the camp fire, where the kids could have helped themselves to matches, but the whole thing is variable.

Examples of tasks: Morse code, puzzles, fishing, smelling, tasting, an obstacle course (you will also some other ideas to the collection of games).

Judgement of the chocolate games:

The teamwork was judged (all should be kept busy and interested) and the wall was judged (how many biscuits, how stable, how aesthetically pleasing). However, other judgement criteria are imaginable.

Chocolate games and ideas

  1. The chocolate taste test

    Different makes of chocolate should be put into separate bowls. E.g. Ritter-Sport, Milka, Cadburys, chocolate from Aldi, xxx.
    The same sort of chocolate should be used, only milk chocolate, nougat or nut for example
    The players are blindfolded and must try to name the chocolate by tasting it.
    This can also be played with different chocolate bars (Mars, Milky Way, Bounty, Balisto, Snickers,)

    Example: Chocolate Assign

  2. The chocolate recognition test

    The following must be recognised whilst blindfolded:

    • Different chocolate bars should be recognised by feeling the packaging and shape.
    • Recognise different chocolate products (Mars, Milky Way, Bounty, Balisto, Twix, Ritter Sport …)
    • Can you recognise the chocolate bars?

    Example: Chocolate Assign

  3. The chocolate quiz

    • From what is chocolate made? (cocoa)
    • In which country does the cocoa plant originate? (Mexico)
    • How is the cocoa plant fruit harvested? (with a Machete)
    • What is particularly important for optimal growth of a cocoa tree?(Shade)
    • The cocoa beans are white at first. How do they become brown and develop their chocolate flavour? (They dry in the sun)
    • How many cocoa bean pods are needed for a bar of chocolate? (2 pods)
    • How many pieces of chocolate are in a Ritter Sport chocolate bar? A Milka chocolate bar?
    • ...
    • ...
    • ...
  4. The wrapped chocolate bar

    You will recognise this game from children’s birthday parties. A chocolate bar wrapped in lots of layers of newspaper should be opened with a knife and fork. The chocolate bar cannot be eaten but should be used to build the chocolate and biscuit wall. Only the player who rolls a six (dice) and pulls on a hat, gloves and scarf is allowed to remove a layer.

  5. A piece of chocolate on/in a pile of flour

    A pile of flour is piled onto a large plate. A piece of chocolate is played on top of the pile of flour or in the middle. The players should now take turns to remove a teaspoon of flour. If the piece of chocolate falls or is freed, the child who has let it fall must eat the piece of chocolate, only using his mouth i.e. No hands. The game becomes a bit “harder” if the chocolate has to be fished out only using the mouth i.e. no spoon.

  6. Chocolate spread with hazelnuts

    Maybe a hazelnut chocolate spread to finish? For a chocolate spread with hazelnuts, you will need the following: 400g Butter, 12 dessert spoons of ground hazelnuts, 8 dessert spoons of cocoa powder, 12 dessert spoons of honey, a pack of vanilla sugar, 2 teaspoons of cinnamon.

    All ingredients are mixed in a bowl and beat until formed into a paste. The quantity is for approx. 10 persons.

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