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Cocktail evening in the Youth Group

This evening was put together by Stefanie S., who also tested it out and rated it as good. Thanks for sending this idea.

Preparations for a Cocktail evening

Game material:

Plates, glasses, glass jugs, measuring cups, Bar measure (cl) coloured pens, paper, 4 diced oranges, bananas, cocktail cherries, straws, tooth picks


Sugar, Grenadine, Orange juice, Banana juice, Apricot juice, Maracuja juice, Lemon juice, Mineral water, (cherry juice)

Cocktail recipe:

Per glass/1-2 persons:
10 cl Orange juice, 4 cl Banana juice, 4 cl Apricot juice, 4 cl Maracuja juice, 2 cl Lemon juice, 1cl Grenadine syrup, Mineral water, (cherry juice) Decoration – oranges, bananas, cocktail cherries, toothpicks

Game instructions:

The youth groups must play various against each other and in doing so, win the different ingredients for their cocktail. Each group receives a glass jug at the beginning of the game. The glasses are only handed out after the first round (grenadine & sugar) – the two winning teams get the glasses with a sugar rim (prepare before the game starts). After the game, the cocktail ingredients which have been won are handed out. At the end, everyone receives a decorational fruit stick for their glass.


  1. Grenadine & sugar:

    Decoration – sugar rim on the glass! Think up a name for the cocktail and describe it on a piece of paper incl. decoration.

  2. Orange juice

    A pair of players is chosen from each group. Each group receives an orange. The orange must be held between the backs of the players, who must complete an obstacle course together, without letting the orange fall. The oranges can be used later for cocktail deco.

  3. Maracuja juice

    All members of the group stand in a circle, the teams are mixed up within the circle. The group leader stands in the middle and spins around and points at the first player who must name a fruit. No repeats are allowed. If this should happen or if he can’t think of a new fruit within 3 seconds, he is out of the game.

  4. Lemon juice

    ... Sour is fun! Tell jokes which have been discussed in the group. The jury decides.

  5. Apricot juice

    Hunt the 6-er: Two teams are put together from the half of each group. Each group receives two dice; one dice is given to two players facing each other. Each player throws the dice as long as it takes to throw a six, and then passes the dice on. If a player has two dice in front of him, he is “snapped” and the whole team, to which he belongs, is out of the game.

  6. Banana juice

    1) Each group sits down in a row of partners, one on the right of the centre line, one on the left and facing each other. Each group then receives a banana. The banana must then be passed on down the row using the feet and without letting the banana fall on the floor. The bananas can be used later for cocktail deco.

    2) Why is a banana curved?
    (Correct answer: because they grow towards the sun) Think up a plausible answer and convince the jury.

  7. Mineral water & Straws

    Suck up water out of a bucket with a straw and transfer it into a bowl. The two groups with the most millilitres at the end of the game win the mineral water. The straw can be kept by each player for his own cocktail!

  8. Quiz questions for the cherry juice

    Each team writes their answers on a piece of paper. The winner is named straight away.

    • Name 4 types of fruit that don’t grow on a tree!
    • Which colour is the blossom of an apple tree?
      (White, white/red, blue)
    • How can you tell how old a tree is?
      (By counting the rings on a cross section)
    • What is the Latin name for a chestnut?
      (Castanea Sativa)
    • What is a perennial?
      (A year round plant)
    • What is a Clementine?
      (An orange)

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