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Colonising the Wild West

Boy’s brigade day, town game or terrain game

Game idea:

Four settler trekkers try to build a colony in the Wild West. The playing field may be an area in the woods, several grassy areas or an area of town with various playing areas and can serve as a colony. This allows the game to be played as a town game or as an outdoor adventure games in the woods and fields. The game idea comes from CVJM Eisenberg (Pfalz).


The four trekkers are led to certain place by a scout (member of staff). The scout takes a few detours on the way in order to avoid some “dangers”. The players are all attached to each other with string of approx. 1m, only the scout is free to move around normally. On the way, the trekkers might be attacked by bandits who try to separate the group by ripping their string. If the trekkers are separated they must all go back to base to be reattached. The trekkers can only defend themselves by huddling together so that no string is visible. A group of trekkers can only be attacked in the first 15 minutes of the game! The game begins at the settlement.


Each settlement only has one residence at the beginning. The settlers produce goods and raw materials which they can sell to buy new buildings. The aim is to build up as large a colony as possible.

Game rules:

The scout is the town mayor and sheriff of a settlement. He manages and guards the settlers duties and activities and guarantees the correct operation. Every five minutes he gives out a commodity which is placed in an unhidden area of the settlement. The group decides with majority vote (member of staff may not vote) which house will be bought. The commodities serve as payment. Which buildings are available, which advantages they bring for the settlers or which conditions apply are described in the list below. If enough commodities have been produced, the whole group or only some of the group can go the base camp (“the big city”) and buy the required building. They then receive a contract of sale from the member of staff which must be signed. On the way to base camp the group can separate but must arrive complete at the place of sale. Complete means: enough commodities and the sales contract. The building takes on its function as soon as it is in the settlement. Every player wears a life band, apart from the members of staff in the settlements. Each player and each settlement can be attacked by the other members of staff = the bandits. New life bands are available in base camp as long as the settlement has not yet bought a hospital. Neither a settler nor a bandit can trade without a life band. Bandits never steal everything. That means that they might steal a commodity but only ever half of it. A no entry zone for bandits exists around the base camp to protect the settlers who are waiting there.

Settlement areas:

  1. Playing area / clearing / field ......A
  2. Playing area / clearing / field ......B
  3. Playing area / clearing / field ......C
  4. Playing area / clearing / field ......D


The commodities are represented by Kinder eggs (gold), corks (wood), bottle tops / crown corks (iron) or even film cases (coal).


  • Commodities
  • Life band (crepe paper)
  • String/wool
  • Contract sheets for buildings
  • Overview sheet for members of staff in the settlements

List of buildings

  1. Well:

    A well ensures the supply of water to a settlement and is therefore a primary requirement for a growing settlement. No further buildings can be bought without a well.
    Cost: 2 commodities

  2. Housing:

    The housing is for the settlers themselves. Without enough house for the people, the settlement cannot grow. A fourth house can only be built once a saloon is in the town. Who wants to move into a town if you can only work and sleep there???
    Cost: 2 commodities

  3. Lumber mill:

    A lumber mill makes the settler’s work easier. It means that the sheriff can give out one commodity more every five minutes.
    Cost: 3 commodities

  4. Mine:

    A mine can also help increase the productivity of the town. There is also an extra commodity every five minutes if a mine is in the settlement. However you must have at least 3 houses to buy a mine.
    Cost: 3 commodities

  5. Saloon:

    A saloon provides the settlers with entertainment. Once a saloon is in town, a fourth house can be built.
    Cost: 3 commodities

  6. Forge:

    A forge helps the settlers to produce all types of tools on their own. As a reward there is also an extra commodity every five minutes. However you must have at least 6 houses and a mine in order to buy a forge.
    Cost: 4 commodities

  7. Sheriff’s office:

    If the sheriff has his own office with his own prison, his trust in the people increases and he protects the settlement if it is attacked by bandits.
    Cost: 3 commodities

  8. Hospital:

    A hospital allows the treatment of injured and ill settlers. If someone loses their life band, they can be treated in the hospital where they will receive a new one. A hospital can only be built when 3 houses exist.
    Cost: 5 commodities

  9. Hotel:

    Extra money flows into the town through visitors if you have a hotel. An extra commodity is handed out every 5 minutes if you have a hotel. In order to buy a hotel you will need 5 houses and a sheriff’s office.
    Cost: 5 commodities

Once all buildings have been bought, you can buy a second one of each. However after each public building a house must be built. That obviously does not apply for houses themselves.

Sales contract / certificate

We hereby declare that the settlement has agreed to purchase the below building in the presence of the administrator


and has duly purchased the building in good faith. The payment was made with commodities produced in the settlement. Any offences or inconsistencies against this contract will be punished with the gallows.




(Signature of the sales administrator in the city)

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