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Fish and Fisherman’s Party

Some of these ideas and games were sent in by Stefanie S. and have been extended or elaborated into other games and ideas by Who wants to plan a fishy evening can use one or the other of the following ideas.

Fishy games

  1. Kick the fish

    On a fishy evening, paper fishes instead of balloons are tied to the right or left leg with a piece of string. Wait for the command and then try to kick the fish from the opponent’s leg. Whoever keeps his fish the longest is the winner.

  2. What lives in water?

    One player stands in the middle, the other players make a circle around him. The player in the middle spins around then stops and points at a player in the circle then asks “which animal lives in water”. He then counts slowly to 3. The chosen must name an animal in this time. If he can’t think of an animal, he is out of the game. The winner is the player who stays in the game the longest. An animal cannot however, be named twice.

  3. Blow the fish

    Lay paper fishes on the floor, these should be blown into the water (=a circle marked out on the ground).

  4. „Mermaid“

    This game is a sack race.

  5. Lawn or sports hall game: „Fisherman, what is the catch of the day? “

    Each player receives the name of a fish and the fisherman must call out which type of fish he is catching today. (Trout, Hecht, Goldfish, Carp, Herring, Rolled herring ...).

  1. Painting fish

    A fish should be drawn with a felt tip pen. Obviously not with the hand but with the mouth or with a felt pen stuck between the toes. The best fish wins a prize.

  2. Angling

    With self made magnetised fishing rods and cut out cardboard fish with a paper clip attached, the players go angling in a box (= pond). The fish are different colours and size and have a different points score.

  3. Diving

    5-10 apples cut into pieces are swimming around in a tub of water. How long will the group need to pull the fish (=pieces of apple) out of the tub only using their mouths (and eat them)?

  4. Fishes

    50-100 little fishes are cut out from a plastic bag/rubbish bag. These plastic fishes should now be fished out of a tub or paddling pool of water by hand. How long will it take the group?

  5. Counting fish

    Should an aquarium be available, the group should try to count the fish. If 50-100 fish are in the aquarium, it can even be a difficult task for the group leader to give the correct number of fish.

  6. Cast the rod

    A proper angling rod is required for this game. Who can cast the rod the furthest? Be careful not to hit anyone when casting out.

  7. Throw the fishing net

    A fishing net (or a camouflage net) must be thrown to cover as many fish as possible which are laid out on the ground. A point is awarded for each fish. Approx 20 fish are spread over an area of 1-2 m² at a distance of 1-2 metres. The fish must be fixed to the ground so the players all have an equal chance and the same distance.

  8. Fishing with a fishing net

    The game runs in the same way as „fisherman, what is the catch of the day`? “. However in this version, the fish should be caught with a fishing net. The fishing net is either thrown over the player or two people hold the net to catch a fish.

  9. Catching flying fish

    Fish (=Balls, boxes etc.) must be caught with a net. 2-4 players hold the net and try to haul in some fish which are thrown by the other group members from a distance of 5-10 meters. The fish should not be removed from the net. The team with the most fish in the net wins the game.

  10. Rolled herring

    A rolled herring is tied to a piece of string and hung up so that the players can just reach it. Who can eat the rolled herring the quickest? (The game also works with bagels or sausages, but on a fishy evening, a rolled herring should be used.)

  11. Tongue twister

    Who can recite the following two tongue twisters without making a mistake?

    • Fisher Fritz fishes fresh fish, fresh fish fishes fisher Fritz.
    • Sally sells seashells by the seashore.
      She sells seashells on the seashell shore.
      The seashells she sells are seashore shells,
      Of that I'm sure.
      She sells seashells by the seashore.
      She hopes she will sell all her seashells soon.

Quiz: fishy quiz questions

Fishy questions

  1. Which country does Sushi come from?
  2. What is Sushi?
    Raw fish specialities
  3. What is a fisherman’s boat called?
    A Trawler
  4. Name the 7 seas of the world?
    Pacific Ocean / Atlantic Ocean / Indian Ocean /
  5. What is the name of the fishmonger in Asterix?
  6. Name an ex German Foreign Minister, who had something to do with fish?
    Joschka Fischer
  7. What do fish eat?
    Plants, plankton and sometimes other fish
  8. Can fish give out a tune?
    Yes (can be heard with special microphones)
  9. How do fish breathe?
    With the gills
  10. What is Plankton?
    Small animals and plants.

End of the evening

It might be an idea to offer fish fingers with salad or potato salad at the end of a fishy evening


Star sign Pisces – fish sign – swim against the current

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