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On the Farm

Preparation time: 10 Minutes
No. people: 10+
Duration: 1 h
Material cost: medium
Age: 6+
Location: indoors
Season: any
Activity level: medium
Materials: Paper, notes, rubber worms, container of rice, bottles, matches, rubber gloves
Aim: Fun and games
Summary: The room is decorated with various animals and balls of straw, and games that match the themes of the ‘Farm yard and animals’ are played on the farm.


Today we find ourselves on the farm. The room is decorated with various animals and balls of straw. The assistants greet the children dressed as farmers and announce that they will show them their farm.

  1. Game: Supermarket game:

    Background: One should be familiar with the farmyard and know where things are

    In all four corners of the room, pieces of paper with various phrases are hung up. The assistant calls out a phrase and the children have to look to see which corner of the room this phrase is in. When they have found it they have to stand in that particular corner. The last one to reach the corner is out.

    Materials: 4 pieces of paper for the corners

  2. Game: picking worms

    Background: The chickens search for their own food on the farmyard – usually on dung piles and preferably worms.

    Gummy-bear worms are taken out of containers using the mouth (perhaps out of rice)

    Materials: Gummy-worms, container with rice

  3. Game: Grandma-hunter-wild boar

    Background: The entire family lives together on the farm – from baby to great grandma.

    The game is similar to “Paper-rock-scissors”. The assistant counts down starting from 3. After the number ‘1’, two children (standing opposite each other) have to act out a living being; these can be the grandma, the hunter and the wild boar. Grandma hits the hunter with a stick; hunter hits the wild boar; wild boar hits grandma because she is too slow. Whoever loses the battle is out. Another possibility: two groups stand opposite each other. The groups decide on which character they want to be. The group that wins receives a point. Once a group has 5 points, they have won.

    Materials: none

  4. Game: Stacking Matches

    Background: Stack hay onto wagons – as much as possible to minimize the number of trips to be made.

    Stack matches onto bottle neck

    Materials: Bottles, match-sticks

  5. Game: Fox hunting:

    Background: Many things are exposed to nature – sometimes the fox will catch a rabbit.

    Two children stand opposite each other and take each others hands so as to create a fox hole; the fox stands inside this. A hunter is chosen who acts as the catcher. A fox (another child) is chased by the hunter and has to save himself as quickly as possible in a fox hole without getting caught. If the fox slips into a fox hole the ‘resident’ fox has to get out. This fox then becomes the hunter and has to chase the previous hunter who now becomes the fox; the new fox has to find a foxhole.

    Materials: none

  6. Game: Milking rubber gloves

    Background: Every morning and evening cows are milked.

    In a pair of rubber gloves make holes in each of the 5 fingers using a needle; then fill the rubber gloves with water. The children have to try as quickly as possible to ‘milk’ the water out of the gloves.

    Materials: Rubber gloves

  7. Game: Catch the mouse

    Background: Cats are always trying to catch mice

    Children stand e.g. in 3 rows of four – far enough apart to be able to shake hands; there are cats (on the outside) and mice (on the inside). On command from the team leader, the cat or mouse has to turn 90 degrees and grab hold of the other neighbours hand – cat has to catch mouse.

    Materials: none

  8. Game: Count everything from A-Z

    Background: What kind of things are there on the farm?

    Make a note of objects and animals on the farm from A-Z (there may be several things per letter)

    Material: A-Z-notes

  9. Game: Wild-boar chase:

    Background: Wild boars are not allowed to enter the farm as they destroy everything and frighten some of the animals; hence they have to be chased.

    Similar to “who’s afraid of the black man?” (Similar to British Bulldogs) Say “Hey, Wild boars, what will you do when the farmer comes?” Answer: “Snort and run away!”

    Materials: none

Sent in by Carina W.

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