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Getting-to-know-you games and surprise games

Getting-to-know-you games – with and without Kinder eggs

Order of play

  1. Hand out yes/no notes (and pens if required).
  2. Five minutes time to cross off the answers
  3. Then you can explain how the game goes on and who wins:
    1. Give the kids 10 minutes to find the partner with the most matching answers with the “yes” (or “no”!) notes.
    2. The partners can enter matching statements in the free "field 11" of the yes/no notes - if a matching statement is found.
    3. The game leader now asks (taking turns from the start) the number of matching answers: „Which pair has 2 (3... 4... 5...10) matching answers?”
    4. The winners are asked to step forward and are asked to present their matching answers. They receive a prize (you can hand out a Kinder egg for example).


The game is played in the same way as described above but the matching answers are given a value: „Yes”- answers are awarded with 2 points, „no”- answers are only awarded with one point. Which pair has the most points?


1. Do you like to eat tuna pizza? YES smiley smiley NO
2. Do you play a musical instrument? YES smiley smiley NO
3. Is (or was) maths your favourite subject at school? YES smiley smiley NO
4. Do you speak another language well enough to make yourself understood in another country? YES smiley smiley NO
5. Can you ski? YES smiley smiley NO
6. Do you regularly attend a Christian youth group? YES smiley smiley NO
7. Do you have brothers and sisters? YES smiley smiley NO
8. Are you wearing white tennis socks today? YES smiley smiley NO
9. Do you have a pet? YES smiley smiley NO
10. Do you have an e-mail address? YES smiley smiley NO

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