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Grand prix

The following questions were sent in by Hanna H. and the idea was tested in her group.

Grand prix: round 1

Points: Who was that? (OT) How does it go on? music General
10 He conquered a giant with simple means.
[Solution: David ]
The Lord is my shepherd ...
[Solution: ...I shall not want]
LUCKY QUESTION He climbed a tree to see Jesus!
[Solution: Zachariah]
20 God gave him the task of building a giant box.
[Solution: Noah]
Heaven and earth will decay...
[Solution: ...but my words will never fail!]
During the capture of the town of Jericho a musical instrument played a special role, which one?
[Solution: trombone]
Where are the two boards with the commandments stored?
[Solution: The ark of the covenant]
40 He built the first temple in Israel.
[Solution: Solomon]
LUCKY QUESTION What is a shawm?
[Solution: A flute or pipe]
He was on the run from God and had an adventure.
[Solution: Jonas ]
60 Who received the Ten Commandments?
[Solution: Moses ]
Open the gates wide and the doors in the world high...
[Solution: that the glorious king can enter.]
With which instrument did David make King Saul happy?
[Solution: Harp]
80 RISK: Three men are thrown into the flames as a punishment but God spared them.
Whose friends were these men?
[Solution: Daniel]
What was the name of the king who ordered this punishment?
[Solution: Nebuchadnezzar]
Now faith, hope and love remain... [Solution: ....but love is the greatest of all.] Apart from the trombone, harp and flute, name 3 instruments mentioned in the bible!
[Solution: timbale, trumpet, horn, cymbal, drum, bell, castanets]
a) Where was Jesus born?
[Solution: Bethlehem]
In which town did he grow up?
[Solution: Nazareth]
100 God allowed the devil to test his faith with hefty blows of fate.
[Solution: Job]
Blessed are those with pure hearts...
[Solution: God will see them.]
Lots of David’s psalms begin with: „Sing a Psalm from David to...“ how does it go on?
[Solution: string music]
With which visible signs did God lead the people of Israel through the desert?
[Solution: Tag: Cloudy night: column of fire]

Grand prix: round 2

Points Numbers Who was that? (NT) All about the bible Animals
10 How many fish were available to feed the 5000?
[Solution: Two]
He was a disciple but he betrayed Jesus.
[Solution: Judas ]
LUCKY QUESTION It played a role in the fall of Adam and Eve
[Solution: Snake]
20 Some cows appeared in a pharaohs dream – how many?
[Solution: Seven fat cows and seven thin cows]
He was stoned to death as the first martyr
[Solution: Stephen]
Name five books of the Old Testament! RISK: The Israelites split animals into two groups.
a) Name the groups!
[Solution: Pure/impure] b) How many of each group did Noah take into the ark?
[Solution: Pure - 7 pairs, impure - 1 pair]
40 RISK: Name three incidents where a number plays a role!
[Solution: Jonas preaching in Ninive, the desert migration, Jesus’ temptation, the great flood]
RISK: a) He wore a coat made of camel hair, his food was locusts and wild honey
[Solution: John the Baptist]
b) He died a violent death, what was the cause of death?
[Solution: Beheading]
Who translated the bible into German?
[Solution: Martin Luther ]
With which animals was Daniel trapped in a pit?
[Solution: Lions]
60 How many people were saved from Sodom?
[Solution: Four]
He was already buried but Jesus raised him
[Solution: Lazarus]
What was the hymn or prayer book of the Old Testament community?
[Solution: Psalter]
Which animal did not come back into the ark after the flood?
[Solution: Dove]
80 Where is the number 12 mentioned?
[Solution: 12 disciples, tribes, Jacob’s sons]
He came from far away and became faithful through Phillip
[Solution: chamberlain from Mohrenland ]
Into approx. how many languages has the bible been translated? 1000, 1200 or 1350?
[Solution: 1200 ]
With which animals did Jesus compare the Pharisees and scribes?
[Solution: Woe be... ...snakes and adders]
100 How many psalms are there?
[Solution: 150 ]
He was a doctor. Two books in the NT are from him.
[Solution: Luke]
What are the five books of Moses called?
[Solution: The Pentateuch]
Name 3 types of animals which played a role in the 10 plagues over Egypt.
[Solution: Frogs, bugs, locusts and lambs]

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