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Gruesome game and detective game

This gruesome game and detective game was created by Verena and Daniela, successfully tested on a youth camp and provided for us. Many thanks. We wish that we would receive hundreds more excellent ideas and entries such as this one because it will be useful for thousands.

Preparation story for the detective game

Viktor Frankenstein wants to create the perfect human from dead body parts. Eight people disappear without a trace in a small village in Denmark. However Frankenstein only needs four people for the legs, torso, arms and head. Two people are the candidates in question for each body part. Who are the four victims and which people are still alive? The youths must solve the riddle.

Playing the game

Concept and classification

  • Groups are put together with 3-4 in each team.

  • Each group receives a note with a description of a person (see below). Which body part the person comes into question for is clear on the description. Further material: paper and pen for notes. In addition each group receives a torch.

  • Envelopes with instructions are hidden by the members of staff in the surrounding area. These instructions are marked with numbers and letters. E.g. 1a, 2a, 3a, 3b and so on. Two references must be found for each person. There are 16 reference signs in total. It is recommended that you separate them randomly so that both reference signs for one person are not found directly.

  • The participants must look for references and read them through well to make notes for the individual people. During the game they will find out which people are dead and which are still alive with the combination of notes. Apart from this the players must find out which body parts Frankenstein has “taken” from the relevant people.

  • It is helpful to make a sketch of the surrounding area which is hung up at the “starting point”. Rough crosses are marked on the sketches which show where the different reference signs are hidden. The groups can keep returning back to see where they should look.

  • If the game is played when it is becoming dark the game is a lot more exciting. If it is already dark there is a really gruesome atmosphere which makes the game more tense for the participants.

  • Important: All references must be read and left ain the original position. If a member of staff finds a group with a card the group receives a 3 minute time penalty where they are not allowed to look further. The riddle can only be solved once all of the cards have been read because the individual references can be confusing.

Introduction of the people:

  • 1. Vicar Siekenstein

    He is old but very kind and puts a lot into his community. He does not only show is handyman skills in the church gardens.

  • 2. Nurse Susanne Link

    Wife of the village doctor Dr. Link, tends the house because she has lots of children – regular medical tests are a part of family life.

  • 3. André Hübchen

    Model and bodybuilder and has a contract with the sassiest local model agency and has been engaged to Miss Denmark for 2 months. The jobs did not come fast until André was discovered as a highly requested foot model.

  • 4. Computer expert Katharina Klaft

    She is responsible for the complete computer network and electricity supply in the village. She is seen as fine line between genius and crazy and the children avoid her.

  • 5. Joiner Johann Hansen

    He makes the nicest furniture in town and is ready to help – he is very popular in the neighbourhood.

  • 6. Nutritionist Hannelore Kramp

    She keeps an eye on her figure and eats well. She is often out of town while taking advisory talks.

  • 7. Professor Johanna Dorstmeyer

    She teaches “philosophy” and “art history” at the nearby university. She is very popular with the students.

  • 8. Thomas Flinker,

    He is an enthusiastic hobby marathon runner and likes to take part in lots of competitions throughout the world.

The references to be found for each person:

  • 1a) The village vicar:

    „The vicar could not always take his preaching himself. I often had to jump in for him or even write the preaching myself because he has a weak heart. He often could not manage his work in the church gardens.“

  • 1b) The verger:

    „Vicar Siekensteins preaching always kept me enthralled. It is great that this old vicar still manages a lot.“

  • 2a) A neighbour:

    „We have renovated at home this week. All of the neighbours helped but joiner Hansen was not there. It surprised me because he is always ready to help. Yes, well, maybe he had too much to do.

  • 2b) the town mayor:

    „I offered Hansen the joiner 5000 Euro last week and asked him to design an exclusive piece of furniture for me. He agreed but he has not delivered the furniture nor collected his money. He couldn’t have given up such an offer. Strange!“

  • 3a) A friend:

    „Hannelore told me that she wanted to enjoy a break and has taken a week off work. She really has earned it!“

  • 3b) A representative of Lufthansa:

    „Our computer confirms that Mrs Kramp has taken her flight to Barcelona.“

  • 4a) A nosy neighbour:

    „I heard how Mrs Link had an argument with her husband one week ago. I could hardly miss it. She screamed at him that she wanted to move back to her mother for a week and then stormed out in a rage.“

  • 4b) Mother:

    „My daughter Susanne could get in touch again. She hasn’t been to visit for such a long time.“

  • 5a) Friend:

    „It is strange that Thomas hasn’t said anything about a marathon in Italy this year. I was sure that he wanted to take part.“

  • 5b) Girlfriend:

    „Imagine that! Yesterday my darling Thomas was on TV on Euro Sport in a live transmission from Venice. He was quite near the front!“

  • 6a) Miss Denmark:

    „Where can he be? André would never go off with another woman. He proposed marriage to me two months ago. We were so happy. Sniff!“

  • 6b) Agent from the model agency:

    „André is our top dog at the moment. He is in demand as a sock and shoe model now. A new request came from Puma just a little while ago and he enthusiastically accepted the job but he never turned up to the appointment.“

  • 7a) The Uni director:

    „Professor Dorstmeyers new book „The categorical imperative in imperialistic Leninism“ was received so well that she wanted to start a tour around Eastern Europe.“

  • 7b) Student:

    „All of my philosophy classes were cancelled last week. Just like that! Professor Dorstmeyer is always so trustworthy.“

  • 8a) A child:

    „Mrs Klaft has been so friendly recently. Maybe she wanted to make a change for the better.“

  • 8b) Football coach at FC Bostrup:

    „What a cheek. Last week we had a massive electricity cut and I wanted to watch the European Championships. I am going to complain to Mrs Klaft.“


People who come into question for the legs: Thomas Flinker and André Hübchen. Thomas Flinker is still alive because he was seen on television recently. The victim is Hübchen who is missed by his fiancée and his modelling agency.

Hannelore Kramp and Susanne Link come into question for the body/torso. Hannelore Kramp cannot be the victim because she is in Barcelona at the moment. However Susanne Link wanted to visit her mother and never arrived.

Vicar Siekenstein and joiner Hansen come into question for the arms. The vicar suffers from a weak heart and cannot continue his work. Frankenstein is looking for the perfect person so Siekensteins arms are no use to him. The joiner is missed. He did not deliver his work and did not help the neighbours which shows that he is missing. He is therefore the victim.

People who come into question for the head: Computer expert Katharina Klaft and Johanna Dorstmeyer because both are very intelligent. However the professor is on tour with her book in Europe and Klaft was not there as the village computer network and electricity supply broke down. This means that Klaft is the victim.

An idea sent in by Verena Kaluza and Daniela Kliche

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