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Hard nuts – an evening with nuts

When the nuts and almonds are ripe in autumn, you can easily turn them into a group session with nuts, almonds and even chestnuts. The group is split into smaller groups with 5-6 players. They play each different discipline against each other. Depending on the game, one player might be asked to come forward, or the whole group. The points are allocated after each game. If you have time and some nut trees nearby you can use your group time to go on a walk to collect nuts and then introduce the “nut evening” one week later. Which group can collect the most nuts, hazelnuts or almonds..? You can also have a little winner’s ceremony at the end. The winner receives necklace made from nuts, almonds or chestnuts.

For a devotion, there is a suitable choice in the collection of devotions and thoughts: A hard nut! Let yourself be cracked!

  1. Estimating nuts

    The groups guess how many nuts are in a glass. The group with the nearest estimate wins the points...

  2. Shooting nuts

    Three nuts are laid out in a triangle. A fourth nut is laid on the top of the triangle.
    Similar to knocking over cans- the pile of nuts should be knocked over with another nut...

  3. Rolling nuts

    The nuts must be rolled along the table as near to the opposite edge as possible without falling off. If your nut is pushed off by another nut – bad luck.

    Option: It is easier to roll the nuts onto a wall from a distance of 3 or 4 meters....
    Option: You can also draw a target on the ground with chalk. Who can roll his nut into the middle of the target?

  1. Throwing nuts

    Throw the nuts into a bucket....

  2. Snapping nuts

    Everyone makes a circle. A nut is placed in the middle. The group leader now tells a story. As soon as the word nut, hazelnut or almond is mentioned, everyone snaps for the nut. Who will get it first?
    Warning: Danger of injury if the boys are too wild.

  3. Little squirrels

    The players take turns at throwing the dice. A player who throws a 1 receives 1 nut. Then he has to roll a 2 to get 2 nuts. For a 3 he gets 3 nuts etc.... Which squirrel will be first to roll 1-2-3-4-5-6- and therefore first to have 21 nuts?

  4. Cracking nuts

    Each team receives 20 nuts. Which team will be first to collect the most nut halves? Which team will have collected the most edible parts of the nuts? (Measured in grams)
    With the nut halves, you can make some little boats or other crafts. You can also have a “swimming or sailing” competition to test out how the nuts can float.

  5. Grinding nuts

    You can buy whole nuts or nut halves. Which team will be first to grind up 250 g of nuts?

  6. Baking cakes or biscuits

    You can now make some tasty treats with the ground nuts...

Author: Rainer Brunck, Community Deacon

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