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Summer is a state of mind

The room should be decorated for summer with sun, beach, Caribbean palms, sand, deck chairs, straw mats etc. Reggae music is playing in the background. All people present should be wearing a Hawaii-Shirt, a pair of sunglasses and a flower garland and should be generally styled for summer and sunshine. The following games will now be played:

  1. Heat up the mood

    The mood is to be heated up. The boys should get up and move to ensure a chilled atmosphere. This can achieved with a little bit of dancing.

  2. Mixing Cocktails

    All of the boys become barkeepers and mix cocktails. The necessary material is provided (ice cubes etc...). A jury of staff judges the performance he gives and the taste of the cocktail. Juices: cherry, banana, apple, orange, multi vitamin, lemon, long straws.....

  3. Drinking competition

    All of the boys compete against each other to be the quickest to drink a cocktail using a straw.

  4. Limbo dancing

    No description required! You will need: 2 members of staff, a pole and very good music.

  1. Hula Hoops

    The boys must compete against each other with a hula hoop. Who can circle the hula hoop on the hips for the longest length of time?

  2. Sand castles

    If enough sand is available, your can try to organise a sandcastle competition.

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