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Football games: Games based on football themes

  1. Warming up

    • Do various exercises
    • Massage each other
    • The teams must instruct the others and perform exercises
    • ...
  2. Choose the team

    • Flip a coin (heads or tails, as many times as possible guessed correctly)
    • 10 Flips (guess correctly as often as possible)
  3. Table tennis – Football

    2 players from each team try to blow the ball into the opponent’s goal within a fixed length of time.

  4. Bottle slalom

    1 blindfolded player must be piloted through a bottle slalom by his team members without being touched.

  5. 3 coins

    English table tennis

  1. Robot – Blind football

    Table football – a game for two blindfolded players from each team. The remaining players must guide the ball into goal by calling out instructions.

  2. A timed table football match

  3. Captain mimes

    The captains must pantomime phrases; their team must guess the phrase/word

  4. Brick wall

    Each team must build a brick wall in front of a goal. Each team now has five chances to shoot a goal. The amount of goals scored is awarded with points.

  5. Singing

    The teams must start a loud and creative football song

  6. Party

    Partners must dance creatively to music. The jury decides the winner. The dancing can also take place on a newspaper.


The players, who have performed one of the disciplines, cannot move onto the next station until their complete team has played the game.


  • Coins,
  • table tennis ball,
  • bottles,
  • blindfolds,
  • playing stones/coins,
  • bandage,
  • ball,
  • stopwatch,
  • phrases,
  • building bricks,
  • small ball,
  • music,
  • newspapers

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