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Indoor house game

This games idea was sent in by Karin W: "Since we have often taken ideas and suggestions from the newsletter, here is a game idea from group work with children."


This group game is a mixture between a treasure hunt and scavenger hunt and is suitable for small groups (described here for groups of 5 children) and is an indoor alternative to a scavenger hunt.


  • 2 dice
  • Sticky notes with numbers + little pictures
  • One „jigsaw picture“ per child (made from 6 pieces)
  • Playing cards (if required)


  • One note with a number is posted in 5 rooms (we used numbers: 2, 7, 8, 9, and 11). On the reverse side is a little picture (e.g. little picture of TV stars etc.)
  • Each jigsaw piece is numbered (3,4,5,6,10,12) on the front and are hidden somewhere in the 5 rooms. The note or the colour of the number is allocated to a child so that each child has to look for a colour.
  • Jigsaw pieces: A group photo cut up or a part of the town or a community photo – one picture for each child.


The children try to collect their jigsaw pieces as quickly as possible and try to hand it in.

Order of play

All of the children throw 2 dice and note the number (and enters the number in the playing card), runs off and looks for the relevant room to find the picture on the reverse side (and enters it in the playing card) then runs back to the games leader.

If there is no room with this number then the children must the dice again and the next room is found. If the correct picture is named (or shown on the playing card) the children may throw the dice again. This number must be found in the chosen room. If it is not there they throw again, if they find it the jigsaw piece can be removed.

Playing card



We played the game without any playing cards – the children remembered the number and the picture and then told the game leader. This makes the game quicker and makes it possible in a small group without any difficulties. At some point the children will have memorised the room numbers and pictures and only run off when the relevant number is thrown – this does not put a stop to the fun.

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