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The difficult land purchase

This game was sent into youthwork-practice in March 2004 by Marc from the DJK Eintracht Stadtlohn children and youth’s camp in Hönningen a.d.Ahr ( The game was played with approx. 130 children in mixed groups. It was very well received by the children. Important in this game is skill, thinking/combined capability, speed and luck. For the staff, it is important that the roles are well prepared and most importantly, “lived/played”. The game can only gather speed with the relevant clothing for dressing up ....

You will have to alter the names and locations according to your own situation or develop a similar story. .

I. The children these few pieces of information

Aim of the game:

You are members of the DJK Stadtlohn and on the search for a suitable place for the tents for a youth camp. In Hönningen you have found a wonderful camp directly on the river Ahr. You really want to buy this spot but do not know who the owner of the land is and what he would charge for the land. If you need money to purchase the land you can inform the DJK about it. The money is waiting in a bank in Stadtlohn! You will have to earn the rest of the money which you need yourself.


  1. You should help who really need help! (Even if they don’t tell you directly).

  2. Listen very carefully to what you are told! If necessary, write it down!

  3. Do not give any objects away! They might help you at some point!

  4. Always ask questions! Ask everything you can think of! But do not be disappointed if you do not get an answer!

  5. The people are spread out in the playing area. You will not always find the person you are seeking straight away! You will need some people more than once in the game so make a plan of where they can be found!

  6. Do not lose your faith – things will be become clearer after a while!

  7. For this game you will need speed, skill and combination skills!

Have fun!

II. The youth leaders who are playing receive the following information and instructions how to behave


  1. Pastor

    • He is selling the camp site on the Ahr
    • If he is asked directly he will say that he is the owner of the land
    • In asked, he will give you the conditions of sale for the camp site:
    • The purchase price is EURO 50.000,00
    • Acceptance from the Bishop (The church land will be sold)
    • Guarantee / repute I
    • Guarantee / repute II
    • The players are not told that these documents must be acquired
    • If a group presents the four things required he hands over the certificate of land ownership and the group is finished. The certificates should be numbered so that the order in which the groups finish is recorded and a winners ceremony can take place.


    • Purchase certificate for the land (numbered if possible)
  2. The bank

    • Exchanges any money which the groups hand over
    • In exchange for the telegram receipt to the DJK, he hands over a cheque to the group worth EURO 50.000,00
    • If asked he says that the pastor is the owner of the land the camp site is on


    • Change
    • Cheques worth EURO 50.000,00
    • Clue that a money transfer is possible by telegram
  3. Post office

    • Takes the telegram from the DJK Stadtlohn and gives the group the receipt
    • If asked, he gives the letter for the baker (this means that the group asks if there is post for the bakery) to the group
    • He likes to tell people that the landlord is impressed by big game stakes (does not say that he likes card games!!!! )


    • Telegram order
    • Receipt for the transmitted telegram
    • Letters for the bakery
  4. Landlord

    • Complains to the group that he urgently needs change and cannot leave the bar at the moment. Gives the group money to change.
    • If the group brings the change he gives them the errand of passing on a message to the drink wholesaler (the landlord) the needs double the amount with the next order!
    • If asked, he confirms that the pastor is the owner of the land with the camp site
    • If the group plays cards with him for very high stakes ( from EURO 500) he is very impressed and gives the group a guarantor’s certificate to help them purchase the land


    • Money notes
    • Guarantor letter for the pastor for the purchase of the land
  5. Drinks wholesaler

    • Complain about poor sales figures and that the landlord does not order enough
    • When the good news from the landlord is handed over (double order) he thanks the group and gives them a crate of water! (Water is almost sold out and cannot be sold) (if the temperatures are high the group can take care of it, otherwise empty bottles!)
    • Has mass wine on offer and is selling it for EURO 100


    • Crate of water
    • Notice about the special offer for mass wine
    • Bottles of mass wine
  6. Auntie Emma

    • Tells the groups who come along that she is in total despair. Her best customer will be coming along soon and always wants to buy a crate of water. Unfortunately she has just sold the last one.
    • If a group brings a crate of water she thanks them by presenting them with playing cards (do not say what they can used for!!)
    • Enjoys telling people that the library has just received some new books!!


    • Playing cards
  7. Policeman

    • Tells every group that he is on the look out for a dangerous thief. If the group has any information about the criminal they should tell him!
    • If a group hands over the thief’s business card, he tells them that the landlord can be impressed by card players! (no clue about the high stakes!!!)


    • None
  8. Thief

    • The (masked) thief threatens the group with a (toy) weapon held up and only quietens down when they hand him the hundred Euro. He is at work in a fixed area and steals 100 Euro from each group.
    • While running away he loses his business card obviously!!


    • Business cards
  9. Bakery

    • Urgently needs a letter from the post office but cannot leave the shop at the moment
    • If a group brings her a letter she presents them with a tray of cakes as a thank you!
    • She pays the invoice from the goldsmith if requested


    • Tray of cakes
    • Money for the invoice (EURO 500 per group)
  10. Goldsmiths:

    • He tells the groups which come past that he is urgently waiting for money from the bakery (EURO 500) and gives the group the invoice!
    • After payment of the invoice (EURO 500) he gives the group the amount for the tax (EURO 650)
    • • Polishes the Goblet for the bishop if requested


    • Invoices for the bakery
    • Money (EURO 150 per group)
    • Feature of the polished Goblet (stamp, note etc.)
  11. Town mayor:

    • Complains to the group about his misery because the goldsmith has still not paid his taxes
    • Says that the pastor is the owner of the camp site land if asked
    • If the taxes from the goldsmith are handed over while enjoying the cake the town mayor hands over the guarantor’s letter for the purchase of the land! (If a group only comes with tax or the cake then he has an important appointment and does not let himself be convinced only to accept the tax or the cake alone!!!!)


    • Guarantor’s letter for the sale of the land
  12. Bishop

    • Tells the group that the mass will be taking place soon and that he does not have any mass wine
    • If a group brings him a bottle of mass wine he notices that his Goblet is quite dirty and desperately has to be polished before the mass takes place. He gives the group the Goblet to be polished!
    • If he receives the polished Goblet back (discuss the features with the goldsmith), he says that he has mislaid his bible and that the mass cannot take place without it
    • If a group brings him the bible he agrees on the sale of the land


    • Dirty Goblet
    • Agreement for the sale of the land for the pastor
  13. Library

    • Lends the group a bible if requested
    • Possibility of earning money in exchange for small jobs (the tasks are your own free choice but should not be tool long or too difficult. Important is that all group members are included!!!)
    • EURO 200 per completed task


    • One bible per group
    • Tasks for the groups
    • Enough money
  14. Job centre

    • Gossips about the fact that the town mayor loves eating cake and cancels all of his important appointments in favour of cake.
    • Possibility of earning money in exchange for small jobs (the tasks are your own free choice but should not be tool long or too difficult. Important is that all group members are included!!!)
    • EURO 200 per completed task


    • Tasks for the groups
    • Enough money

Overview (only in German available)


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