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The lively board game

The following idea was sent in by Hanna H. and has been tested out.

Game description:

The "lively board game" is a combination of dice games, movement games, action games and a quiz. This game is particularly suitable for a large group which is then split into smaller groups (5-8 players per group).

A large playing board with approx. 60 squares must be produced [We printed each of the numbers 1-60 on a piece of A3 paper and laminated them then laid them all out in the room as a giant playing board.]. Coloured playing figures large enough for the playing board must be produced for each team. Additionally one large die (or even better - one die per group) is required. The code cards must also be spread out around the house before the start of the game. These code cards should be printed on A5 cards and laminated if possible (so that they can be used more than once). There is one code card for each of the numbers 1-60.

The number must be printed large and a code with four digits underneath. The group leaders need these to check the numbers (do not forget a check list with numbers and code numbers for the group leader!). The task sheets are placed in numbered envelopes. It is recommended that you open up a "leader and materials" table at a central point to which only the group leaders have access. This keeps the chaos to a minimum and keeps the materials within everyone's reach. Each team sits at a group table. Everyone rolls the dice on the command. The playing figures are then moved along the game board according to the number rolled. If the square they already being used by another team they move onto the next square. The groups now spread out to find the number, which is shown on the square, somewhere in the building. They must find the number and give the four digit code to the group’s leader. They then receive a task envelope. In addition, the group leader provides the team with the materials they might require and jots down the number of points won. The dice are then thrown again. All of the teams play at the same time (= independently from each other).

The game should be ended when the leader decides. The aim is not to get to square 60 as quickly as possible but to collect as many points as possible. A group who reaches square 60 should start again at square 1. So that the materials are only required once for the task, all of the group leaders should watch out that any group landing on a square which has already been completed, simply moves to the next square. Additionally, the participants must be aware that they must return the code cards to the envelopes in their original condition and returned to the group leader so that other teams can do the task. The tasks should be adapted to suit the age of the children in the group.

No. Task Solution and judging Material
  Find the pairs of memory cards as quickly as possible. The normal rules apply. 10 points – 1 point is deducted with each passing minute Memory cards
  Everyone gives their jumper to the person on their left and pulls on the right-hand player's jumper. Keep going until you have your own jumper back again. 1 point per player  
  Build a Jenga tower as high as possible! 1 point for each second layer Jenga game
  Solve the following word jumbles and bring them to the leader!
1 – FLOW
3 points for each:
1 – Wolf
2 – Tiger
3 – Salamander
4 – Piranha
5 – Sloth
6 – Koala
7 – Giraffe
8 – Elephant
Attachment with texts
  Everyone paints a portrait of the neighbour to their right. Bring the portraits to the group leader who must guess who it is. 2 points for each Paper and pens
  Drive a member of the group to the group leader in a wheel barrow and back again! 5 points  
  Sing your group leader a current hit song! 5 points  
  In which British towns are the following sights to be seen? Jorvik Centre, Discovery Earth, St Pauls Cathedral, The Cavern One point for each correct answer
Jorvik Centre – York, Discovery Earth – Edinburgh, St Paul’s Cathedral – Dresden
  Write down the text of the 23rd Psalm from heart! 10 points  
  Write a four line poem about today! 4 points  
  Sing a summer song of your choice! 5 points  
  Name 20 English counties 1 point per county  
  Everyone brings a cuddly toy (or an object or something they do not really need to travel)! 2 points per object  
  Mule: Every player receives two matches. Everyone now takes turns to lay one match on the neck of an empty bottle until all matches are packed onto the “mule” 5 points Empty bottles, matches
  Bring us a chain of hairs knotted together! The number of hairs must match the number of players. 3 points  
  Everyone takes turns to eat a biscuit as quickly as possible and then whistle. The whistle is the signal for the next player to start. 1 point for each player Biscuits
  Make a 4 line poem using the words “peg, clothes, washing line and wind”! 4 points  
  Name 5 examples of how Solomon uses nice descriptions of his girlfriend – you will find some hints in the book “Song of Solomon”. (Time: 2 minutes) 2 points for each  
  Bring us at least 3 different translations of the bible 2 points for each  
  Each participant must burst a balloon. The bang is the start signal for the next player 5 points balloons
  Everyone must climb through a postcard (a post card is cut so that it makes a circle which the players can climb through) 10 points Post cards & scissors
  All participants stand on each others shoulders (= build a pyramid) 3 points  
  Name Jacob’s 12 sons (you may use the bible!) Section of the bible: 1. Moses 35, 22ff; give them a clue if necessary!
1 point each
  Bring us at least 5 different items of clothing! 1 point each  
  The dice are rolled in turn until all 3 dice show the same number (keeping numbers rolled is allowed!) 5 points 3 dice
  Build a chain of nouns with 4 letters. The next word must start with the last letter of the previous word! 1 point each  
  Make a form of headwear from something! 2 points  
  Using the bible for assistance, name all of the towns which Simon visited on his missionary travels – 2 minutes time
Note: most bibles have a map.
Solution: Antioch, Seleucia, Perge, Attalia, Paphos, Salamis
1 point each
  Knot you own clothes together into a chain 10 metres long! 5 points  
  Bring us the left shoe of each group member 2 points  
  Name the towns which the 7 letters in revelations 2 and 3 are sent to Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamon, Thyatira, Sardes, Philadelphia, Laodicea
4 points
  Break time! Sit down and wait until 2 minutes are over. Then you can carry on. 3 points  
  Pass a tennis ball along the line using your chins! (Hands must remain behind your back) 3 points per exchange Tennis ball
  Tell your group leader a joke! 2 points  
  You may only carry on playing when one of you has rolled a six! 5 points Several dice
  Make up a sentence with exactly 50 letters! 5 points  
  Cackle like a chicken for 30 seconds without laughing! 5 points Stopwatch
  Sing a birthday song! 5 points  
  Name 10 current premier league football players! Solution: if the names do not ring a bell, …. ask...
1 point for each
  Everyone performs either 10 push ups or 15 knee bends 10 points  
  Make as many new words as possible from the word “Establishment" within two minutes! 0,5 points per word Stopwatch
  Name 10 prophets in the Old Testament! Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jona, Micah, Naoum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zaccariah, Malachi
1 point each
  Sing a well known Christmas song of your choice! 5 points  
  Name 15 European capital cities! Reykjavik, London, Dublin, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Warsaw, Prague, Vienna, Paris, Bern, Budapest, Belgrade, Bucharest, Sofia, Tirana, Rome, Athens, Ankara, Madrid, Lisbon, Andorra, Monaco, Vaduz, Luxemburg, San Marino, Vatican, Minsk, Kiev, Riga, Vilna, Tallinn
1 point each: maximum of 15
  How many of the 150 psalms in the bible were written by David? Time: (3 minutes) Answer: 73
5 points, 3 points for the nearest guess
  Bring us one of each coin in circulation at the moment! 2 pounds, 1 pound, 50 pence, 20 pence, 10 pence, 5 pence, 2 pence and 1 penny
1 point for each
  Run outside and bring us three objects typical of this season! 2 points for each  
  Count up all of the people on Noah’s ark! 1. Moses 7, 13; give a clue on the solution if required: Sem, Ham, Japhet, his wife, Noah and his wife
1 point for each
  Bring us three objects and find a passage of the bible where they are mentioned. 1 point for each  
  Pictionary: one player is whispered a phrase by the group leader which he must draw. The others guess what it is! Shoe lace, snail, beach, ant hill, birthday, …
2 points for each
  Work out how old …., ….. , ……and …….… are all together! Solution: …………..
10 points
  How many books are in the bible? 66 books – 2 points  
  Look for the bible passage Matthew 5, 9-13. Why are these words so familiar? Solution: that is “Our Father”!
2 points
  Everyone draws a little picture: what do I like about …………………… the best? 2 points for each  
  A one minute break – sit down and relax until the time is over. 2 points Stopwatch
  Pantomime: the group leader whispers a phrase into a player’s ear which he must act out. The others guess what it is! Lemon tea, washing up, summer, cheese, breakfast, sunset, …,
2 points for each
  Write down as many words as possible with two or more meanings! Time: 2 minutes Example: Court, coach...
2 points each
  You have two minutes to cleverly question your group leader and find out all about his life and characteristics – then you can write a wanted poster! 1 point each Stopwatch
  Work out how old you are if all ages are added together! 3 points  
  Write a short poem mentioning each member of staff at least once by name! 2 points per member of staff  

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