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A game for 16 players; which is based on Ludo.


The principle of the game:

  • 1 game leader (he leads the game/ the course)

  • 1 assistant (he is responsible for the mini games)

  • Groups of four players; one player is the team leader (he is not an active player on the board)

  • The team leader plays dice with the game leader at a table. (The team leader decides which person of his team moves forward)

  • 3 attempts to get out of the “house”

  • Normal rules

  • At an action field you are allowed to throw the dice twice

  • Joker option: sponge game (1. question answer: sponge 2. question answer to the first question etc. (5 questions) )

Action field:

  • Review

    Put the photos of the children in order to their names

  • Catapult

    Move four steps forward

  • Ring throwing

    2 players place a loo plunger on their head; another player has to throw five rings on this stick

  • “Music was my first love”

    Come up with songs by hearing seven words

  • Guessing fairy tales

    Rumpelstilzken (5 fairy tales)

  • Town, Country, River

    The assistant runs through the letters of the alphabet in his head. A player gives a signal so that the assistant stops. He calls out the last letter.

    Ten categories have to be answered with the starting letter. (E.g. letter “m” Animal: monkey)

  • Put on a pair of tights

    The groups have to put a pair of tights on a shop dummy. The shop dummy is not allowed to touch the ground. (Time limit: 2 min.)

  • Gangster town

    Rap a normal song (e.g. Last Christmas) (You can also use background music)

  • Wilhelm Tell

    A big apple is placed on a player’s head. Another player puts on some joke glasses that restrict his sight. The player gets some mini balls to shoot the apple down.

  • The cock is dead

    A player has to catch some plastic chickens. The tricky thing is that he has to throw it backwards and that another player has to catch them using cymbals.

  • Anagram riddle

    The groups put the letters into a correct order. As a hint they get some questions (Letters: L A F M E R I G O U R L O B I Y)

    • A) A school subject (biology)

    • B) A fast food meal (burger)

    • C) A drink (beer)

    • D) An animal (gorilla)

    • E) A colour (blue)

    • F) A musical Instrument (oboe)

    • G) A job (farmer)

    Time: 90 seconds. The names of 6 pairs are mixed up.

  • Pizza – Pizza

    A player throws empty pizza cartons in the direction of another player. The other player has to catch them with a pizza pan. (Time limit 1:30 seconds)

  • Twins run

    Two players are tied together with their right legs. (One player stands facing forwards and the other backwards). Time limit: 60 seconds to circle the playing field once.

  • Gargle with songs

    The assistant selects a song in advance for the player that he/ she has to gargle in front of his/her group. The group has to guess the song. (90 sec.)

  • Multitasking test

    The player gets a table tennis ball and a table tennis paddle. He has to hold up the ball and the paddle while the assistant reads out ten words from a shopping list. Afterwards the player has 45 seconds to learn the words by heart. The player has to repeat 7 words.

  • Wheelbarrow race

    Players and team mates have to get through a show-jumping-course. They have 45 seconds to cover half of the distance.

  • Quickie

    Role play - 1 player is “the ill women in bed“. Another player comes home and wants to divorce from his wife. Try to be considerate. (Time limit: 1 minute)

  • Flag

    They have to fill out four flags (just colour in the rectangles with chalk). The kids should complete three flags within 2 minutes.

  • Make a house from team mates

    (3 legs are on the ground; the members have to touch each other)

  • Beer mat throwing

    The players get ten beer mats and try to hit the target with at least 3 beer mats.

  • Marble transportation

    The players try to transport a marble over a distance of 6 meter. They have 4 pipes which they put together. The marble has to go through these pipes.

  • Tin stilts

    The player has to go around the course within 45 seconds.

  • Balloon:

    A blown-up balloon has to be burst by using your teeth.

  • The bad 6

    You have to count to 60. All the time you hear a 6, or a number you can divide by a 6 you have to make this sound: “oops“

    (Example: 1 2 3 4 5 oops 7 8 9 10 11 oops 13 …) There are other bad numbers, too.


  • Bags, t-shirts (different colours) or other coloured markings.
  • A huge pitch
  • Circles for the pitch, small pieces of paper (to draw the groups)
  • A bell for the starting signal for the tasks, a foam cube
  • A loo plunger, rings, letters, a rope
  • Table tennis ball and table tennis paddle, 10 beer mats
  • 1 marble and 4 pipes, balloons
  • If need be: additional materials for mini-games on the action fields

In addition:

  • Animate the audience to count loudly (If a player moves forward)
  • If a player dices a 6 he is allowed to dice a second time

Author: Hendrik Oestreich CVJM Oberlübbe, supplemented with ideas from Anja Heine – community education officer – Church of Herford

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