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Macho-‘Carnival’ games

Preparation time: 15 Minutes
No. players: 10+
Duration: 1.5 hours
Material cost: high
Age: 8+
Location: indoors
Season: any
Activity factor : high
Materials: balloons, cloth, objects, glasses, caps, baggy pants, jumper, shoes, chocolate kisses, foam, razors, dumb-bells, quench, or sparkling water or water, toy cars, rope, pencil, Bobby-car
Aim: Fun and games related to the carnival
Summary: A macho-like games evening during the carnival all about Macho. Who is the coolest Macho?


In the week before it is announced that this youth club hour will be dedicated to Carnival. Either the children can dress up as they wish or you suggest that everyone should dress as a Macho i.e. dress like a man.

Even the group helpers should come dressed as Machos on this day, and talk about their own experiences.

  1. Machos have to practice self-control

    Making others laugh (6 people stand next to each other, 2 or more people have to get them to laugh)

  2. Machos always stand there with wide legs – wide legged walk

    Relay with a balloon between the legs

    Materials: balloons

  3. Machos are always wearing sunglasses

    Blindfolded touching of objects

    Materials: Cloth, Objects

  4. Machos care a lot about their clothes

    Clothes relay: quickly put on clothes, run the designated stretch, pass on the clothes to the next group.

    Materials: Glasses, caps, baggy pants, jumper, shoes (2 each)

  5. Machos eat a lot

    Chocolate-kisses eating competition without hands.

    Materials: Chocolate kisses

  6. Machos shave a lot

    Shaving balloons (put foam on – shave it without popping the balloons)

    Materials: balloons, foam, razors

  7. Machos always go to the gym

    Holding dumb bells (who can hold them the longest?)

    Materials: dumb bells

  8. Machos like to go for a drink in the evening

    Drinking competition

    Materials: Quench, or sparkling water or water

  9. Cool Machos like to drive fast cars

    Roll up cars (tie one end of a rope to a car and one end to a pencil, turn the pencil as quickly as possible so that the car comes closer and closer) Alternatively hold a ‘Bobby car race’.

    Materials: toy cars, rope, pencil, Bobby car


Do we always have to be Macho? Be like you are and do no try to be someone that you are not.

Sent in by Carina W.

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