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The big family meeting - Mafia game


Four Mafia families rival for supremacy in Liguria. Each of the families holds the monopoly on an illegal commodity: Counterfeit money, drugs, weapons or liquor. However the godfathers want to break the monopolies of the other families, in order to secure power in Liguria for themselves. By accepting stolen goods and raids they try to suppress the other families and to secure more power for themselves. Even bomb assassination attempts take place.

Starting situation:

  • 4 teams with approx. 12 players. Each team receives a camp.
  • Each team receives: 12 cards as start funds for the monopoly, 1 bomb with timer
  • 1 life band per player and 1 Mafia ID card

Explanations and rules:

  • Each team has the monopoly on one of four different illegal commodities, which are illustrated on the playing cards: Counterfeit money, liquor, drugs and weapons.
  • Each team receive a starting capital of 12 cards for their monopoly.
  • The aim is: To raise as many different types of commodities as possible. At the end, the card records from all four cards are rated. There is one point awarded per card. The team with most points wins.
  • Each player is only allowed to carry a maximum of 4 commodity cards. He is must also carry a life band and always have his Mafia ID card with him.
  • The life band must always be visible and worn on the left arm. If a player loses his life band, he must go directly back to camp to collect a new one and is not allowed to do anything else at this time.
  • There are the following possibilities to come across cards during the game:
    • Between the camps there are dealers on the streets. By presenting your ID card you can simply collect one of your monopoly cards from him. However the player can only collect the goods from the same dealer after two minutes have passed.
    • The dealers can also deal in cards in a 4:1 relation. In exchange for 4 cards, a player can choose a card of his choice. A player can fight with the other players.
    • A player is allowed to break into the other camps.
  • During the fight:
    • The players try to rip the life band from the other players. (!!!)
    • The loser must give his cards to the winner. However the winner may only carry 4 cards at one time. The loser must only give the winner so many cards (winner’s choice) so that he does not have more than 4.
    • The loser must immediately go back to the camp and collect a new life band.
    • If the loser has a bomb with him, he must also give this to the winner. The winner is, however, not allowed to carry any cards.
  • When breaking into another camp:
    • As soon as a player with a life band breaks into a camp, he can no longer be attacked.
    • He may take a card of his choice from the camp.
    • When he leaves the camp, he is allowed a little time to escape and may not be directly followed.

Other possibilities in the game:

  • 2 life bands
    • A new Mafia ID card can be bought for 4 commodity cards of your choice, which allows the owner to wear life bands.
    • With this ID card, the player may collect a second life band.
    • Player must always have an ID card with them.
    • The second life band must be tied to the right arm and be visible.
  • Bombs
    • Each team has a bomb which will explode at an unknown time.
    • The bomb is carried by a player who is not allowed to carry anything else.
    • The player must try to break into another camp with the bomb.
    • If he manages this, the bomb must be left in the camp for five minutes.
    • If the bomb explodes, all of the goods in the camp are ruined and the cards are collected in by the members of staff.
    • If the bomb does not explode it can be used by the team in the relevant camp.
    • Bombs might also explode outside of the camp. If this happens, they do not cause any damage and become dummies.
    • Dummy bombs can also be placed in the opposing camps.
  • When the final whistle is blown, all of the cards which are in the camps are counted. Any other cards are not valid.


  • Pieces of wool for the life bands
  • Commodity cards for the four different monopolies.
  • ID cards for the different Mafia families (1 Life band / 2 life bands)
  • Torches and watches for the members of staff
  • Markings for the area
  • 4 bombs with timers (set to different times)

Members of staff:

  • 4 members of staff in the camps
  • The rest of the staff are dealers

Author: This entry comes from Christopher M.

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