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Murder in Bostrak (or anywhere else...)


The employees share out the roles of the suspects. It is necessary that everyone gets a copy of the play. If you wear a disguise it is easier for you to identify with the role you play. To get into the role, you could also meet with your colleagues and talk as if you were Lord William or his son Edward.

Carrying out the game:

The director tells all those present that somebody was killed in this palace and that they have to solve this crime. They are the private investigators and divide themselves into eight groups. The director guides them to the suspects. The suspects are placed in one of eight positions in the building/area. Each group of private investigators gets a piece of paper. With this piece of paper they are able to find the suspects. They have 7- 10 minutes to question the suspects. After the time is up, the group will go to another suspect. They find his number on the piece of paper. The director gives them a signal. After the groups have checked all suspects; they will have some time to discuss. Finally each group member makes a judgement about the offender and the reasons for his/ her crime. At the end the director solves the puzzle. The case is constructed in such a way that everyone could be the possible murderer.


  • Lord William, head of the household. Maybe you can change the name to suit the holiday camp.
  • Edward, his son
  • Lucinda, his fiancée
  • Aunt Laura, the sister-in-law of Lord William
  • Butler James
  • Gardener Jenny
  • Maid Linda
  • Cook Bess
  • Corpse: Elinor, twenty-nine years old, beautiful and intelligent, the daughter of aunt Laura

The murder (obviously it is only solved at the end!)

Elinor enters the room at 6.15 pm, where she finds the maid Linda. Linda gets into rage, takes the garden shears and tries to stab Elinor. Elinor flees, but she trips over the cat and falls down the stairs. She is dead; her neck is broken. Linda runs up and stabs her shears into Elinor's heart, leaves the bloody shears behind and flees. A little while later, Linda recovers from her mental state of confusion but she cannot remember anything. She finds the corpse of her mistress, by chance. (You find more about Linda under the point: motives)


  • Lord William

    He is secretly Elinor's father. His affair with Aunt Laura has been hushed up. But Elinor disclosed the secret and made a claim to the inheritance. The Lord never liked Elinor, does not want to give her any money and tried to save himself from disgrace.

  • Edward

    He fell in love with Elinor. She broke off the relationship and told him that they are brothers and sisters. She also asked him waiver his inheritance but he was not prepared to do so.

  • Lucinda

    She is jealous of Elinor because of the relationship with Edward. She does not know that Elinor and Edward are brothers and sisters.

  • Aunt Laura

    She knows all about everything; she depends on Lord William financially.

  • Butler James

    He is a moral fanatic. He detests Elinor's lifestyle choice and wants to put an end to it.

  • Gardener Jenny

    She is homosexual and loves Elinor. They had a short relationship. Elinor did it out of curiosity and not because she was in love. Elinor broke off the relationship for Edward. Jenny feels she was used. She is very jealous of Edward.

  • Maid Linda

    She suffers from delusion. She was pestered by Elinor and had to do absurd things for her. In her opinion she is the victim.

  • Cook Bess

    Her son committed suicide because Elinor refuted his scientific work. He lost his job and his financial independence. The cook holds Elinor responsible for his death.

Testimonies and alibis

  • Lord William:

    Quiet, thoughtful, sovereign

    His testimony: He saw the maid with the garden shears when she cut her finger. She claimed that it was an order given by Elinor. Linda always seemed suspicious to him. In his opinion she is mentally unstable. And she always grumbles about Elinor.

    His alibi: He went with Edward to the village to collect the rent.

  • Edward:

    Charming, happy-go-lucky, lives beyond his means

    His testimony: Discovers the gardener's motive (loved Elinor, but Elinor did not want her love)

    His alibi: Went with his father to collect the rent.

  • Lucinda:

    Cold, scheming, stinking rich, she is fixated on Edward

    Her testimony: Suspects the butler because he thinks he is a fanatic. He wanted more status and fancy clothes.

    Her alibi: Had a headache. She was in bed.

  • Aunt Laura:

    Exhausted, confused, embittered, talkative

    Her testimony: She depends on Lord William. She grumbles about him and discovered his affair and the relationship between Edward and Elinor. She suspects almost everybody. She discovers the cook's motive.

    Her alibi: Motherly love

  • Butler James:

    Holier- than- thou, unctuous, he is sure of himself

    His testimony: It is Elinor's own fault; the murder is the penalty for her way of life

    His alibi: He served Aunt Laura's guests.

  • Jenny the gardener:


    Her testimony: Lucinda murdered Elinor, because she was jealous. Jenny goes into raptures about Elinor.

    Her alibi: The butler saw her while she was cutting the roses

  • Maid Linda

    Hysteric, excited, confused

    Her testimony: Tells what she saw

    Her alibi: She cleaned the room. After this she cannot remember anything. Only thing she can remember is the corpse.

  • Cook Bess:

    Embittered about the suicide of her son, depressive, reserved

    Her testimony: Elinor deserved her death, because she is to blame for the suicide of her son.

    Her alibi: She cooked for the guests of Aunt Laura

  • The doctor:

    Superior, cool

    His statement: Two causes of death: The breaking of the neck and the stabs in the heart. But he is not able to answer the question about the cause that was decisive.

Author: Corinna Wiegand

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