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Night time adventure game

This outdoor terrain game was provided for us and sent in by In this night time game, the following goals are the main priorities:

  • Fair play, no violence, knightly and honourable play
  • Team work (extinguishing a fire together, solving questions and tactics)

Night time adventure game

Game plan

  • All five groups (A to E), each with 6 participants, hide in their kingdom (approx. 4x4m large) with marking ribbons (tape) and build a fire in the middle but do not light it yet. The group has 15 minutes to complete this. (Materials you will need: matches, tape and water beaker).

  • Everyone then meets up in base camp and the game is explained! (Length: approx 10 minutes)


  • The teams start off by trying to receive vouchers for water or matches by answering questions or completing tasks handed out by the dealers. (The dealers hand over vouchers which are pulled randomly from the voucher pile). The dealers move around within a light blue circle.

  • These vouchers can then be exchanged at base camp.

  • The teams must now try to set a fire (light the fire which is already there) in the opposing team’s kingdoms. If no fires are set despite hefty “battles”, a new technology is discovered: newspapers. These are then set alight with the matches.

  • The teams must defend their castles with water and with no other means. The water carriers may be shoved (so that they drop the water) if they are in neutral areas.

  • The goal is to defend your own fire (castle) with water while trying to set the other castles on fire and getting them to surrender. The winner is the group which sets the most castles on fire and who defends their own castle the best.

  • The groups whose fire (the castle) is set alight are out of the game. The individual players in this group are then sold off by the dealers to the stable princes (groups who are still in the game) by answering general knowledge questions, performing tasks or are swapped for vouchers.

  • Start of the game. The game should last around 1 hour.

  • The game is over when all fires except one have been lit. The winning group is the group with no fire in their kingdom and the ones who have lit the most fires in the opposing camps.

Notes on organisation and the tasks of the staff:

  • Look for a safe terrain/section of woods and set out the borders (500 x 500m) (the fire areas must be completely safe so that there is no possibility of the fire spreading. No further sources of water or containers of water are allowed to be present in the playing area/woods. The only source of water should be in the base camp and should be placed exactly in the middle so that all teams are the same distance away. If other sources of water are available, each team must have the same chances of reaching the source in the same amount of time as the others.

  • Keep an emergency case/first aid box available in base camp.

  • Question cards for the dealers

  • Matches, water and joker cards

  • Dealers: Bring vouchers into circulation (as described above).

  • Base post: Swap the vouchers for the relevant materials and take care of the emergency box

  • Referee: Keeps a check that no one cheats (this is the person who keeps control over everything)

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