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Adventure game - Persecution of Christians and Paul of Tarsus

Game idea

Persecution of Christians in Damascus

Explanation of the game ideas and tasks

The Christians must always keep themselves hidden and must provide the community with supplies. However they have the problem that they cannot buy supplies from the local dealers but must buy their things from the travelling salesmen. For your community, you will need the following items:

  • 2 candles
  • 1 scroll
  • 5 songbooks

You can also deal in "last supper" goblets. These are not definitely needed but you can buy them from a dealer for a good price and sell them on more expensively (imagination is required here). The Christians must try to evade the Roman soldiers. However if they are caught, they can be captivated with money or a commodity.

Money does not only have to be made by dealing, but also by working. The kids must produce snow (!), separate peas from lentils (dependent on weather) or must perform any other suitable task (see collection of station games). Each group receives 25 piece of gold as a starting sum.

Aim of the game:

All items should be handed over to the central stores. The winner is the player who manages this first.

Information for the dealers (youth leader)

Prices for the dealers:

  • Candles: 6 pieces of gold
  • Songbook: 4 pieces of gold
  • Scroll: 10 pieces of gold

However bartering can take place. If a group has imaginative ideas, you can reward them with some better prices.

Wages for work:

3 gold pieces for 5 minutes work


Candles, scrolls, songbooks, paper cups, dried peas and lentils, pieces of gold (quantity dependent upon size of the group).

This game idea was developed by Johannes Markus Drechsler, tested and provided by

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