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The Red Indian (sports hall) game

The Red Indian game (a catching game for the sports hall or for outdoors)

Five group members are the white settlers. They have gone on the trail of the fighters of the Sioux and want to catch them. They have a plan and have hidden themselves in the gloomy woods. They must remain very quiet otherwise they will be discovered by the two wise men of the Sioux, Hawilla und Dawilla. The five white settlers should now position themselves in a row across the sports hall at a distance of 2 metres from each other.

1st Round – stand still and don’t move

All 5 stand on their own, feet together. Nobody should move from the spot otherwise they will be “discovered”. The Sioux Indians have now positioned themselves on the shorter side of the hall and should now discuss how they will cross the barricade of the settlers. However, the wise chief Hullahulla is cunning and gives out his instructions: Each Indian makes his own way through the barricade. Each player should make their own decision how to do this. The settlers now try to tag the Indians who want to run past. Should they manage this, the Indian is then caught by the settlers lasso and is out of the game. The settlers are however – like already described – not allowed to move their feet from the spot. The clever Indian takes his time, waits until the settler throws his lasso (wants to tag someone on the left) and quickly darts past on the right. Or he pretends that he wants to slither past on the ground like a snake but suddenly jumps up and sprints past the Lasso like a gazelle in a bid for freedom. On the other side of the hall, the Sioux meet up again; but the troops are reduced. Now the Indians can discuss tactics on the best way to get past the settlers barricade and back to the wigwams. This time it is easier, because it is night time and the settlers only notice the creeping up of the Sioux Indians at the last minute.

2nd Round – stand still and don’t move, with your back to the attackers

The settlers are not allowed to turn around after the first run. The must stay in position with their backs to the Sioux Indians. The Indians then have the chance to sneak up quietly and make a surprising run, quickly breaking through the barricade.

3rd Round – some movement is allowed...

Should some Indians have managed to break through without being tagged, there is a third round. The settlers now have some experience and have become cleverer. They are now allowed to touch the ground with their hands. That means they can now support themselves to reach out to the side. The feet are also able to turn although they must stay on the same spot. Now only the cleverest of Indians will make it through.

These different rounds can be repeated until only one Indian is left in the game as “the last Sioux”. He now becomes the chief Sioux and is allowed to decide who will be the settlers in the next game. The nice thing about this game is that every time is different with a new danger to conquer. It therefore doesn’t become boring.


An idea how to play the game in another way: The trappers need a long time to catch the Indians, so they get some backup from the White House in Washington. There are now 10 settlers and they are no longer positioned in a row across the hall but spread out throughout the hall or playing field. They are, of course, not allowed to move. The Sioux must now try to reach the other side of the hall. They require cunning and speed to make it through.

This game can also be played outdoors. However, playing area must be marked out.

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