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Terrain game – Golden Eye

We started the day off with the Tina Turner song Golden Eye or actually, we woke the kids up with the song. This heightens the mood!

The five groups start in their camp. The aim is to find as many eggs (painted stones) as possible. Each child who goes on the egg hunt needs a number which is attached to their back. The number is given to the children in the leader’s camp.

The players must try to rip the number from their opponents back and to recognise him by name. If a player manages to rip the number from an opponent’s back and then knows what he is called, he must run back to base camp and be quicker then the one who has lost his number. The player who has stolen the number must give the name of the owner.

If the name and the number match up and if he was quicker than his opponent he receives 2 eggs which can be used by the group to deal.

If the player who has been robbed and is now numberless, does not appear a the leader’s camp within 5 minutes of being robbed, points will be deducted for each minute (see table). He will receive a new number.

The eggs can also be stolen from the camp of the opposing groups. However the cassettes are protected and cannot be taken away. Each group also has a fire in the camp which must be guarded. If the opposing groups manage to put the fire out with water balloons, the group must start a fire as soon as possible. If a leader catches a group without a fore, the group loses 5 eggs or 1 cassette. The leaders must check the game area every now and again. Each group receives matches and paper so that they can make a fire.

Swapping list

  • Cassette: 5 eggs
  • Water balloon: 2 eggs
  • Extinguished fire: - 5 eggs / 1 cassette
  • Number of a member of staff: 2 eggs
  • Eggs: (painted stones) are hidden in the woods and have different points


In exchange for 5 eggs, the group receives one cassette which can no longer be stolen from the group. The cassettes are played on the next day, the group which has the cassette with Golden Eye from Tina Turner on it, receives some bonus points and an extra prize. The winning group is the group which could collect the most eggs. The first 3 groups win a prize.


Cassettes, water balloons, matches, safety pins, numbers, coloured stones and a cassette with the song “Golden Eye”.

An entry by Marcel G. from the boys club in Lungern (Switzerland).

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