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Themed day: fairytales

Fairytale games obstacle

The obstacle course has 10 stations. If there are 5 groups a group can begin at each second station. The stations have a fixed order and the station leaders tell the group which station comes next. All groups will finish at around the same time. They will get a reward at each station.

  1. Frog prince

    Idea: During playing with her golden ball the princess has let it fall into the well. In the fairytale, the frog prince has to get the golden ball out of the well.

    Material: golden ball (a ball that is covered with golden film), a blindfold

    Process: To create a well, each group sits in circle. They choose a frog and a princess. The frog gets blindfold: The well: the person that sits in front of the princess holds his hands over the head. To confuse the frog they turn the frog around. After that he has to crawl on the ground and search for the ball. If he has found it he has to put it into the hands of the "well". The princess helps him with the commands: hot and cold. Each player takes a turn at being the princess or frog.

    Reward: A rubber frog

  2. Cinderella

    Idea: In the fairy tale, Cinderella has to sort the lentils. She is helped by doves. "Sorting the good from the bad"

    Material: Eight bowls with lentils and pebbles, 16 little bowls

    Process: The players have to sort the lentils from the pebbles. They put the lentils in one bowl and the pebbles in another.

    Reward: A chocolate button

  3. Little Red Riding Hood

    Idea: On the way to visit her ill grandmother, red riding hood takes her usual path to pick some flowers. While she is picking them, the wolf appears.

    Material: Paper flowers in eight different colours

    Process: The flowers lay around the station. Each player is allocated to a colour. The first player who collects all flowers of the right colour wins.

    Reward: A wedge of cake (in Little Red Riding Hood's basket)

  4. Mrs Holle

    Idea: In the fairy tale, Mrs Holle is able to make snow fall on the earth. She shakes her bed linen to make snow.

    Material: Eight wads of cotton wool and eight straws

    Process: The players have to blow their "snowflakes" to the goal using a straw. The first player wins.

    Reward: A white chocolate (such as Raffaelo)

  5. Hansel and Gretel

    Idea: When Hansel and Gretel are abandoned in the woods, they put a trace out of pebbles to find their way back.

    Material: (golden) pebbles, a box

    Process: In the woods, the groups will find a trail of pebbles. They have to follow this trail to find the reward in the box.

    Reward: Gingerbread

  6. Rumpelstilzken

    Idea: In the fairytale, Rumpelstilzken spins straw to gold. To keep her baby, the miller's daughter has to find out his name.

    Material: ---

    Process: All players have to find out the names of fairytale figures:

    1. What's the name of the girl that has black hair, white skin and red lips? Snow White
    2. What's the name of the two kids that have lost their way in a forest? Hansel and Gretel
    3. Who gets the golden ball out of the well? The frog prince
    4. Who is the girl that lost her shoe after a party? Cinderella
    5. What are the names of the four animals that sing to drive a group of robbers away? The Bremer musicians
    6. Whose speaking horse is murdered? The Goose Girl
    7. What's the name of the boy who transforms into a deer? Brother
    8. What's the name of the girl who sleeps for 100 years? Sleeping Beauty
    9. What's the name of the boy who changes gold with a horse, a horse with a cow, a cow with a pig, a pig with a goose and finally the goose against a grindstone? Lucky Hans
    10. What's the name of the girl who visits her ill grandmother? Red Riding Hood
    11. What's the name of the gnome who dances around the fire and sings: Today I bake; tomorrow I brew, the day after tomorrow I will take the queen's child. Rumpelstilzken
    12. What's the name of the two animals that have a race? The tortoise and hare
    13. What's the name of the land where you can eat and drink as much as you want? The Land of Milk and Honey
    14. Who runs away from those who want to eat him? The Gingerbread Man
    15. What's the name of the girl who is held prisoner in a tower? Rapunzel
    16. What are the names of the sisters who let in a bear into their hut and the bear transforms into a prince? One sister is married by the prince. Snow White and Rose
    17. What's the name of the girl that gives away her clothes and bread to help poor people and for whom gold coins rain from above? Starlet
    18. What's the name of the animal that makes his master rich? Who catches partridges and tells the king his master is a count? Puss in boots
    19. Who was able to beat seven at once, save the king from two giants, free a unicorn and a wild pig and who marries the princess as reward? The proud tailor
    20. What are the seven animals called? They opened the door for the wolf because they thought that it was their mother. The seven goats

    Reward: A golden chocolate thaler

  7. Rapunzel

    Idea: In the fairy tale, Rapunzel is locked up in a tower. To let the prince or wizard climb up, she lets her long blond hair down the tower.

    Material: Yellow wool

    Process: In a bush the groups find yellow wool. They players have five minutes to collect them and to knot them together. The one who has the longest "hair" wins.

    Reward: (yellow) candy laces

  8. Cinderella

    Idea: In the fairy tale Cinderella gets a poisoned apple from her stepmother who is dressed up as a farmer's woman.

    Material: A bowl of water, eight apples that are divided into quarters. A plate with flour and 32 apple rings.

    Process: The apples are in a bowl full of water. The players try to catch them with their mouth. Afterwards they have to get the apple rings out of the flour with their mouths.

    Reward: The apples quarters and rings they are able to collect.

  9. The tortoise and the hare

    Idea: In the fairytale, the tortoise and hare have a race. They bet for something to drink and for money.

    Material: Two sacks, marking (for the goal and the positions)

    Process: The players are divided into two groups. They have a sack race that works like a relay which means that the first player stands on the start line and the other three group members are distributed evenly on the course.

    Reward: Something to drink and a cent coin

  10. The fisherman and his wife

    Idea: In the fairy tale is about a fisherman. If the players don't know the fairytale, they will know it after this game.

    Material: ---

    Process: One of the players is in the middle; he is he fisherman. The other members are on one side. They shout out: "Fisherman, how deep is the water?" The fisherman tells them the depth. Relating to this question they ask: "How can we get over?" Now the fisherman tells them how they have to move i.e. on one leg, crawling, running backwards etc. If a player has been caught by the fisherman, he becomes the next fisherman.

    Reward: A savoury fish biscuit

Evening: Fairytale ball


All members of the groups got the information on their camp packing list to take a fairytale costume with them. During the day, they are going to get an invitation for this party. They have to be dressed in their costume for the evening.


Again, you can use the fairy tale decoration from the morning. And in addition, a table set for a meal is appropriate. (Table decoration, napkins)

Fairytale menu:

At a great festival, you have to have a great meal. Each member gets a drink (without alcohol) and four-course meal. Each of these meals is connected to a fairy tale. At the beginning of each meal, and before they get their drink you read the fairy tale to the children.

  • Drink: Frog prince (orange juice with Blue Curaçao - put the syrup into a champagne glass. As decoration use a rubber frog and put it on this glass.

  • 1st course: Rapunzel (Rapunzel salad = lamb's lettuce, we used a recipe with cocktail- tomatoes and onions.)

  • 2nd course: King Drosselbart (Soup. Of course you can use any kind of soup. We used noodle soup with carrots and parsley).

  • 3rd course: The fisherman and his wife (Fish fingers and mashed potatoes)

  • 4th course: Snow White (Snow White cake is a cake baked on a tray with a dark base and cherries. The top layer is butter icing with chocolate sprinkles. The cake is connected to Snow White because of its colours: black as ebony, red as blood and white as snow.)

Dance games:

The kids dance at the party. Here are three fairy- tale dance games.

Material: CD player, CDs

Sleeping beauty

Idea: Sleeping Beauty pricks herself on a spindle and she sleeps for 100 years; the castle is turned to stone.

Process: The children dance as long as the music plays. When it stops they are not allowed to move. The person that moves or wobbles is out of the game.

Golden Mary and Unlucky Mary

Idea: Golden Mary and Unlucky Mary are the girls that come to Mrs. Holle. Both have different characters.

Process: At two different places are two ladders. One ladder is Golden Mary's gates and the other ladder is Unlucky Mary's gate. The children dance as long as the music plays. When the music stops a guard shouts out a gate. The children have to reach this gate as fast as they can. The last player is out of the game.

Balloon dance with fairytale couples

Idea: A lot of fairytales consist of more than one figure; figures that are couples. For example: Hansel and Gretel.

Process: Each member picks a piece of paper. One half of a fairytale couple is on each piece of paper. If all members have found their partner, they take a balloon and dance together holding the balloon between them. They should not lose the balloon.

Examples for the fairy tale pairs:
Snow white and the seven dwarves, Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf, Brother and Sister, the Goose Girl and Fallada (horse), Lucky Hans and a grinding stone, Cinderella and the slipper, Sleeping Beauty and rose, Golden Mary and Unlucky Mary, Snow White and Rose, Frog Prince and the golden ball, Tortoise and Hare, Wolf and seven goats and Puss and boots.

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