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Time travel

Ideas and games for the theme camp "time travel" tested and sent in by Daniel S. We admit that we have not described everything down to the last detail but maybe the suggestions will give you some ideas for your own time travel with the group. More ideas are available in the collection of games: games and ideas on stone ages, pirates, Red Indians or knights, terrain games and Star-Trek etc. You will be able to put some time travel together with these ideas.

And don't forget to come back again. The camp area could be organised to suit the day's theme which means that the tents all have suitable names (including the dining tent). In the "introduction" at the start of each day, a person appears from the tent and tells the kids something about the era and prepares them for the coming day.

The market place welcome game

A welcoming and getting to know you game

The stone ages

Imagine that you on a journey back in time and you land in the stone ages on a village square with lots of people. You walk around, do not touch anyone but just look around carefully. (…) You now greet each other in a Stone Age style: You go towards each other – hit the other persons back with your hand and introduce yourself with the following words: "Me??? – you who?"

Ancient Rome

Our trip back in time continues and we land in a market place in ancient Rome. The women do not have any say here - therefore the men must go to the women and ask them for their name and well being.

Middle Ages

Our journey back in time continues and we land in the Middle Ages. You obviously do not want to belong to the common folk. You are fine knights and you treat each other as such. You walk around introducing yourself formally to the others.

In America

Our journey back in time continues and we now find ourselves discovering the Americas. Try to introduce yourselves in English.

The French Revolution

Our journey back in time continues and we now find ourselves at the time of the French Revolution – it is war. You must introduces ourselves and quickly move on.


Welcome to the future. People are out – robots are in. Move around like robots and introduce yourselves like robots.


Welcome back to the present day. I hope you enjoyed our journey in time!

Ancient world

Asterix and Obelix

Asterix and Obelix are up early in the morning to present the theme of the day. There are many things on the program such as craft sessions (early morning), Olympic games (afternoon) and a scroll with ancient letters (late afternoon/evening).

Craft workshop:

  • Creating paper
  • Making a wax board
  • Soapstone or breeze blocks ( approx. 8 children)
  • Building spears


Pythia the Oracle gives each group some riddles.

  • Riddle: Early man used this sport for hunting - javelin
  • Riddle: They used to do this bare foot, was that faster?
    Running/obstacle course (skittles, benches, seesaw, tunnels, stilts and hula hoops …)
  • Riddle: The ball is round and you can throw this
    Frisbee and marbles
  • Fair play is the biggest aim but it could end in death in earlier times
  • Riddle: Who believes that this isn’t a sport? Among the Greeks this was the biggest honour – the poet’s competition: Make four line poems (or longer) with the words: Zeus, Olympic, Winner’s crown, Honour.
  • Riddle: Faster, higher and, most importantly, further – that was the motto in past and still is today
    Long jump
  • Riddle: The ball is round. A game lasts 90 minutes.
    A ball game to finish: Football


  • Fair splitting of the group (randomly)
  • Riddles on notes
  • The stations are mixed through all groups
  • Tasks are allocated
  • Make a program board and hang it up:

    Today’s program:
    • 1. Javelin
    • 2. Short distance sprint
    • 3. Discus
    • 4. Wrestling
    • 5. Lyrics: Poetry and truth
    • 6. Long jump


Write the group name in hieroglyphics


  • Introduction for Asterix and Obelix: Helmets, costumes and cuddly toy dog
  • Workshops
    • Creating paper: Newspapers, sieve or linen
    • Wax boards: Plywood, wax leftovers, bar, paste, kebab sticks and spatula
    • Soapstone or breeze blocks
    • Building spears: Wood poles, wood carving knife or file
    • Olympics: Frisbee, marbles, football, skittles, measuring tape, seesaw, tunnels, stilts, hula-hoop

Middle Ages Market

There is a Middle Ages market on the program today. The kids can take part in earning money or spending it and winning or losing money.

  • Pawn shop

    Swap personal objects for coins
    Material: Crepe band, 2500 coins

  • Jester/singer

    Earn yourself some extra coins with a little act or song

  • Dice

    Material: Dice, 2 dice beakers

  • Game hats

    Game of luck
    Material: 3 dice beakers, skittles

  • Ring jab

    Another possibility to win money
    Material: Cart, lance, 5 rings

  • Throwing the opponent

    Competition for 2 players
    Material: 2 drinks crates, 2 rubber swim rings

  • Balloon darts

    Another possibility of winning money
    Material: Balloons, darts

  • Arm wrestling

    Another possibility of winning money

  • Fortune teller

    The fortune teller will read your hand against payment

  • Hair braids

    Against payment

  • Making a pearl necklace

    Against payment
    Material: Beads, string

  • Felting

    Against payment

  • Printing

    Potato print on linen against payment
    Material: 10 linen bags, potatoes, paint

  • Wine cellar

    Buy drinks for money
    Material: 70 Capri sun

  • Tombola

    A game of luck
    Material: Tickets, sweets

  • Test of courage

    For boys: Anyone who overcomes their fear wins a certificate with a title of honour
    Material: Bucket with goo, certificate

  • Minting coins

    Your own coins can be made against payment
    Material: Wooden discs, markers

Coin overview

Earning coins:

  • Jester/singer: 5 coins
  • Dice: 5 coin stake (stake x 2 or nothing)
  • Game hats: 5 coin stake (stake x 2 or nothing)
  • Ring jab: 2 coins stake (For 3 or more hits = 7 coins are won)
  • Throwing the opponent: per 2 coins stake (winner receives 4 coins)
  • Arm wrestling: 2 coins (10 coins for a victory)

Spending coins

  • Fortune teller: 5 Coins
  • Hair braids: 4 Coins
  • Pearl necklace: 10 Coins
  • Felting: 8 Coins
  • Printing: 10 Coins
  • Wine cellar: 4 Coins
  • Tombola ticket : 1 Coin
  • Lunch: 10 Coins
  • Evening meal: 10 Coins
  • Proof of courage: 5 Coins
  • Minting coins: 3 Coins

Tickets for the tombola

  • Screws
  • Coins
  • Surprises
  • A voucher for 1 x fortune teller

List of materials:

  • Crepe band
  • 2500 beer mats
  • 5 dice beakers
  • Dice
  • 2 rubber swim rings
  • Darts
  • Balloons
  • Beads
  • Potatoes
  • Wood knife
  • 10 linen bags
  • 70 Capri Sun
  • Wooden discs (5cm diameter)
  • Markers
  • Sweets
  • Cart
  • 1 bucket
  • Paints for potato printing

Rate of exchange

  • Sleeping bag: 20 Coins
  • Lunch box: 10 Coins
  • Torch: 5 Coins
  • Watch: 5 Coins
  • Other objects will be accepted by dealing

The search for the magic potion


On the Middle Ages market the witch Manja has put a curse on everyone. Now all of the participants have to go on the hunt for the 4 ingredients to make the antidote.


  1. Help Hildegart von Bingen to peel apples. Try to peel off the longest length of peel possible.

    The first basic ingredient is handed out: Sherbet

  2. Prove your rhetoric skills to Knight Siegfried. Play several rounds of Taboo.

    The second basic ingredient is handed out: Woodruff

  3. Do you know these famous landmarks? Match up the buildings with the countries.

    The third basic ingredient is handed out: Magnesium tablet

  4. Can you understand the signals? Morse code: Split the group in two – one does the Morse code – the other deciphers.

    The fourth basic ingredient is handed out: Water

Do not return back to the market place before 17.30. We will all mix the magic potion together and drink it together.

HEALING through the magic potion


  • Apple peelers - 5
  • Apples
  • Sherbet
  • Taboo game
  • Woodruff syrup (0,2l per group)
  • Magnesium tablets
  • Water


Early in the morning King Louis XIV and a beggar, as representative of the normal folk, face each other and introduce the day’s events. The king’s escape is on the program. The kind can be found by solving riddles.

Morning: The king’s escape:

  • A true story about the king is told.
  • The group is split into three teams
  • The 3 teams think up a riddle, run off and spread the riddle
  • The rest of the kids run behind
  • The path is covered with colours (chalk)
  • There is one point for each solved riddle
  • Clues and riddles are hidden separately

Afternoon: Religions, mythology and faith

  • Stone Ages: Nature religion (spirit)
  • Ancient times: Greek mythology
  • Middles Ages: Franciscan
  • s New World: Indians, revival religion
  • Revolution: People’s rights
  • Present: Atheism


  • Introduction: Cloak for the king, rags for the beggar
  • The king’s escape: Chalk in 3 colours, notes, coins

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