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Trailer trash evening


The kids should bring/wear the following: Vest, jogging suit, gold chain, flip-flops, hair gel, white sport socks, jewellery, ...

The following should be provided: Apple juice in beer bottles, crisps, ...


The following games are all judged by a jury and judged according to certain criteria and serve the purpose of naming “King of the trailer trash” at the end:

  1. Trashy fashion show

    The boys should transform themselves into the best trailer trash possible. They should use clothing, styling, behaviour, ...

  2. „Bring me a beer!“

    The situation: You are sitting in your armchair and watching the television. There is a cold beer in the fridge.

    The problem: How will the beer come out of the fridge?

    The solution: Your wife brings it to you.

    The task: How can you motivate your wife to bring it?

    The boys have 5 minutes to think up a phrase on the theme “Bring me a beer!” This phrase will be judged by the jury or rated by a female test person.

  1. Trailer trash performance

    The boys must do a farting and burping performance. The enjoyment, the length and the tone is judged....

  2. Trailer trash position

    The boys should take a trashy position on the sofa with beer and crisps. Amongst others, the comfort level and view of the television are judged.

  3. Trashy food

    A pizza is eaten as trashy as possible. Above judging applies.

  4. Trashy television

    At the end of the evening an episode of the Simpsons, Futurama, Al Bundy or similar is watched.

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