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The world trip through the woods

Games out in the open using nature and natural materials are always a hit and an afternoon in the woods, in nature is exciting. It becomes even more exciting if the time in the woods is used as a world trip and if the kids experience something together.

The following well known games wrapped up as a journey around the world is especially suitable for younger children. Maybe this is an idea you can try out for your next children’s birthday party or afternoon in the woods.


  • 1 approx. 10 m long rope
  • One scarf per child as a blindfold
  • One soft/foam ball

Each child is blindfolded on the way to the woods. They all hold onto the rope for direction. Only the group leaders can see. One leader leads the way and another is at the end of the chain. The way to the woods should not take longer than half an hour otherwise it becomes too tiring for the “blind” ones.

Our first stop in the woods is the Himalayan Mountains. The kids can run riot on the hunt for the yeti.

Destinations and adventures

  1. Himalayan mountains: Yeti hunt

    Using the foot or a stick, a circle is drawn around a tree to mark out the playing area. The yeti is standing in the circle and is hidden behind a tree. The others stand outside of the circle. They try to hit the yeti with their softball. The player who hits the yeti becomes the new yeti.

    Then we move on: (You can really move to another spot but it is not necessary)

  2. Sri Lanka: The snake which bites itself in the tail

    The group makes a snake by holding onto each others waists. The head of the snake should try to catch the tail. Once this is achieved, the head stays on the tail and the player behind the head becomes the new head.

  3. Australia/Kangaroo Island: Catching kangaroos

    A square shaped playing area (size dependent on size of the group) is drawn on the ground. All players stand on one leg. The free leg is pulled towards the bottom. „Catchers“ and „kangaroos“ jump around on kangaroo island. If a “catcher” catches a “kangaroo” the “kangaroo” becomes a “catcher”.

    Option: All players are only allowed to perform a certain number of jumps. (5 X 10 X …) A smaller playing area is required for this option. (I have played this option in the yeti hunt circle.)

  1. Italy/Rome: Coliseums: Gladiator fight

    In the woods we will look for an “arena” which is made from two tree stumps. 2 gladiators stand on the three stumps facing each other and try to push each other off. All winners fight on until one winner remains. If the tree stumps are too far apart, the two gladiators can hold onto a rope and try to pull each other off. How many gladiators can stand on one tree stump? All of the kids try to stand on one tree stump. They must work as a team and hold each other in place.

    You can also play this with two teams against each other. Which group will manage to get the most people on a tree stump?

  2. France: Painting like Pablo Picasso

    Different natural materials are collected in the woods: pine cones, twigs, leaves, earth, bark, stones and grasses etc. The materials are then made into a picture by the whole group.

  3. South Seas: Coconut harvest

    Pine cones in different sizes are collected (might also be left over from the Picasso game). The larger pine cones are placed on a tree stump (or on a large stone). The large cones are “harvested” with the small cones (knocked off).

    Everyone only has a certain number of small cones.
    The game can be played at different distances from the large cones

  4. China: barefoot along the Chinese wall

    A trail (the Chinese wall) is made from the wood materials which have already been collected. A tree stump can also be incorporated into the trail. The group is split into pairs. One is blindfolded and is led along the trail.

    How does it feel?
    What are you standing on at the moment?

    Stones are required for building the wall. The ground around the tree stump is freed from materials. A line is laid out with a rope. Everyone receives some little pebbles. These are picked up with the feet and are thrown towards the tree.

    The nearer the better

    You must put on your shoes to leave China again. The shoes are all lying in a pile in the circle. One person stands in the middle, must find a pair of shoes and guess who the owner is. If he has guessed correctly, the owner comes into the middle.

  5. North America: building a Red Indian Tepee

    Willow and hazelnuts branches are positioned in a circle with a diameter of 1-1,5m. The points are touching. Small twigs and branches are braided through. The holes can be filled with leaves and grasses. Allow your imagination to run wild.… You can round off the day with a camp fire and some grilled stick bread…

Author: This idea was developed and provided by Carmen Eckert.

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