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Typical woman/man

In Germany, there are two singers who have written and sung songs about men (Herbert Grönemeyer) and women (Pe Werner). These lyrics can be used to make typical images and take photos with a digital camera. If there are similar songs I English, these can be used. As an alternative, it would be possible for the kids to think about what makes a typical man or a typical woman and try to show this with photographs.

The important thing is that the kids have their own ideas, put the clothing together themselves and allow themselves to be supported a little by the leaders.

Without writing down all of the lyrics of both songs, here are some scenes from the songs which could be shown in images using a digital camera:

Typical women:

  • They can laugh, cry, talk, giggle and gossip
  • Are moody, astonished and flirtatious
  • Think that gay men are nice
  • Can lie
  • Are truthful but dangerous
  • Type, clean and cook
  • Tie their husbands ties
  • Wear high heels and mink

Typical men:

  • Flirt and are always ready
  • Buy women
  • Lie on the phone
  • Are casual and cool
  • Are hard but soft
  • Have muscles and are strong
  • Can do anything but suffer heart attacks
  • Are drunk (usually too early)
  • Fight and row
  • Smoke a pipe
  • Can give a hug
  • Provide protection
  • Need tender loving care
  • Hurt easily
  • Cry in secret
  • Are irreplaceable

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