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Ideas – not only for valentines day

This material was provided by the Christian Youth of Germany, the Rock Solid Club. The Rock Solid Club is a place where teenagers can experience something they do not experience anywhere else. There are crazy games, events and discussion groups and there is bible work...

An evening for love and romance

This chapter deals with games and events which all have something to do with the subject of love and romance. In preparation for this session, you could send each visitor a valentines card with the details about the session. The room can be decorated with hearts in all sizes and colours possible. Love songs can be written at the beginning, during the game and to finish off. You could also ask all of the participants to come dressed in red. Make a group session which is sure to be remembered fondly. Obviously the theme does not necessarily have to take place on valentines day!

Ice-breaker... The best kiss

Aim: Everyone paints their lips with lipstick and kisses a piece of paper. Everyone then votes for the best kiss.

Length: 5 minutes

Material: Paper, lipstick, sticky tape and pens


This game might only be suitable for girls. Prepare some paper and lipsticks during the introduction phase. Everyone should kiss a piece of paper with lipstick on their lips and leave their mark. Once everyone is finished, the nicest kiss is chosen. The shape and the look of the kiss should be judged. If the announcements are also being made, do the judging after the bingo game. You can also think up other categories of judging. You can also guess whose lips they are.

A different game might have to be played with the boys who don't want to put any lipstick on their mouths during this game. They might be able to make tongue prints with coloured sweets which are judged similarly to the kissing lips.

Info: Valentines day bingo

Aim: Everyone must get the others to sing their bingo card where relevant.

Length: 5 minutes

Material: Valentines day bingo cards (attached), pens and prizes


The free spaces on a bingo card, fill in the name of a person who meets the criteria e.g.:

  • Is here for the first time today
  • Knows when the next session will take place
  • Has a birthday this month

Then copy the sheet so that everyone has a copy.


Share out the copies and give everyone a pen. You can also swap the bingo card for a lipstick kiss print so that everyone hands in their work of art when the ice-breaker game is started. Everyone should try to fill their sheet with the other player's signatures wherever the description matches. A chocolate heart is given to those who:

  • Is first to complete e a row of five boxes
  • Is first to fill 10 random boxes
  • Is first to fill the whole card

Depending on the number of players you can decide on how many times a player is allowed to sign (2-3 times). Signing your own sheet is not allowed. At the end, sit everyone down in a circle and find out who meets the descriptions which you have announced and welcome everyone!

Game 1: Blind date

Aim: This game works like the television show Blind Date where volunteers must choose a secret date from three contestants on the other side of a screen.

Length: 5 minutes

Material: Sheets with questions and answers, stools, screen, envelope with prize (where the date will take place) and music.


This game should be kept as close to the original as possible and you should go as over the top as possible. You will need a leader to play the host (as authentically as possible) and several volunteers to act as the contestants. Choose people who can narrate well and who can let go and play a role (because you will handing out notes to read out). The game deals with 3 secret players sitting behind a screen or wall - the players are famous personalities (sport or pop stars). Choose characters who would be an absolute nightmare for young people. Write down 5 questions which the volunteers should read out (see attached game) each with relevant answers from the VIPs with should be as funny as possible.

In addition, you should prepare some envelopes with possible aims for the lucky couples (you can cut them out of newspapers). You might even want to video the original show and play it while playing the game. Prepare the stage by positioning 4 stools so that the players are facing the audience. A sheet/wall blocks the view of the 3 celebrities.


Choose a male contestant for the first round to read out the questions and send him out of the room. Then you choose three female contestants to play the VIPs and sit them on the stools. Make sure that the male contestant cannot see the 3 girls when he enters the room. Give them the numbers 1-3 and give each player an answer paper.

Tell the audience which celebrities they are playing. Fetch the volunteer back into the room and give him the sheet with the questions. He should pick three questions and read them out one after the other, but he must say which player he is posing the question. The girls replay with the relevant answer from their sheet. After three questions and answers a speaker should make a short conclusion of the answers (Heinz, are you choosing contestant 1 who wants to...?...). The volunteer should choose one of the VIPs according to the answers. Once the volunteer has chosen his VIP, the other two VIPs are introduced and they say who they are and what he has missed out on. Then the volunteer should meet his chosen VIP and the show presenter gives them an envelope with the prize – the location where their date will take place. Then the presenter sends then off and makes them promise to come back next week and tell us how it went. After their applause, the new "lovers" take a seat. Repeat the game again with one female volunteer and 3 male VIPs.

Volunteer questions:

  • What is your idea of a romantic evening?
  • What type of man/woman are you looking for?
  • Would you kiss on a first date?
  • Why should I go out with you?
  • What is your favourite hobby?

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

  • Weight training in the gym
  • Someone who doesn’t push me out of the limelight
  • Obviously, if you can fight the other girls off...
  • Because my body is irresistible!
  • Hunting the bad ones and shooting people

Mr. Blobby only says “blobby, blobby” to every question!
The queen:

  • Drinking a cup of hot chocolate at home
  • I need a man with a strong voice who can ride a horse!
  • I haven’t kissed anyone in 50 years!
  • I can make you the richest man in the world
  • Going walkies with my dogs in the park

GAME 2: Spin the bottle

Aim: The players fulfil tasks which they pull out of a bottle when it points to them.

Length: 5-10 minutes

Material: Juice bottle, notes with tasks


Fetch a large juice bottle and push 15-20 notes of paper with tasks on them into the bottle. The points awarded for the tasks are also written on the note, E.g.:

  • List three songs with the word “love” in the title (10)
  • Name three TV shows or films with the word “love” in the title (10)
  • Name a famous love story (10)
  • Name the two lovers in a famous Shakespeare play (5)
  • How many valentines cards have you sent this year? (10)
  • Sing a verse from a love song (20)
  • Complete the poem: Roses are red, violets are blue...(20)
  • Reveal your most romantic place (20)
  • If you were stranded on a desert island, who would you take with you? Why? (20)
  • Reveal a chat up line which you would use on a first date (20)
  • Show us a pantomime of a love film (30)
  • Tell us who you love the most (30)
  • Kneel down in front of a player of the opposite sex and show us how you would propose marriage. (30)
  • Kneel down in front of a player of the opposite sex, look them deep in the eyes and swear your undying love (30)
  • Kiss a player of the opposite sex (30)


Everyone sits in a big circle. Split the group into two teams. A player should spin the bottle (with bottle top). The person who the bottle points at must take a note from the bottle and perform the task to win the relevant points for his team. If someone does not want to perform the task he puts the note back in the bottle. The team loses ten points. Play the game until all of the tasks have been completed. The team with the most points wins.

Game 3: Heart charades

Aim: A charade for chocolate!

Length: 5-10 minutes

Material: A box of „I love Milka“, charades phrases (think up yourself if necessary)


Split the group into teams and choose a volunteer from each team who should act out sayings without speaking. The team has 90 seconds to guess the saying/phrase. If they are right, they receive two points. If not, the other team has the chance to win a bonus point if they know what the phrase is.

Game 4: Try of true love

Aim: An icebreaker with the aim of getting some players wet.

Length: 5 minutes

Material: Table, tray with water


Explain that this is test to find out where romance is in the air and find out who loves who in the group. Choose two volunteers of each sex from the group and ask them to come to the front. They should all pull one hair from their heads and place it on the edge of the tray on the water. On your signal, they should all blow their own hair across the water. If two hairs come into contact, this means there is a true romance or a deep friendship (members of the same sex). While the volunteers are blowing, you hit the tray with a flat hand and all of them get wet. It is a bit mean but funny!

True love

Aim: To show three principles which should help keep feelings under control.

Length: 5 minutes

Material: „True love“-sheets (see below) and pens.


The copy of the sheet should be filled out in small groups together with a leader. The results can also be discussed within the group.

Love is...

Length: 5 minutes

Material: none


Give each group a couple of minutes time to think up a sketch or a pantomime to show what love is (e.g. a hand shake, a kiss, making up...). Afterwards each of sketches should be performed. Each team only performs one sketch before the next team has a go. They take turns to perform a sketch starting with the first team again once all have had a go. The team who can perform the most sketches without repeating a theme has won.

Chat: Three types of love

Aim: To show that unconditional love is the best type of love.

Length: 5 min

Material: red card, pen


Cut out three large hearts from cardboard and write the words: IF, BECAUSE and ALTHOUGH on them.

Order of events:

Keep this part as short as possible. Explain that people can love in three different ways which you want to present. Show the different hearts during the explanations of each.

IF –

Choose a volunteer who should give you some money. Explain that this type of love is a love which says: "If you give me money, then I love you!" On the other hand, this love also says: "If you do not do what I want, then I don't love you!". This love is conditional. It is only present when you fulfil a condition – no sure thing...


Bring the game with the money along. "I love because he gave me his money." That is the message of this love. If there is no more money there or if the person can no longer afford what he should, this love is over. No certain thing...


This time the volunteer should demand his money back. Complain that you find this mean and awful but that you love him anyway (hug him or shake hands). This is a love which is not conditional. You love someone regardless of how much he loves you. To love someone despite his faults means loving someone just as they are.


Which type of love do your parents give you? Which type do you show them? What about your brothers and sisters? How do you encounter them? Which type of love do your friends have for you? What do you give them? Which type of love is the best? The best relationships are based on "Love, although" and that is a type of love which we all need.

INPUT... God’s love

Aim: To show that God’s love is unconditional.

Length: 5-10 minutes

Material: Water pistol, blackboard/projector and pen


The following questions should be discussed in small groups with a leader:

  • Do you believe that God loves you? Why (not)?
  • How does God show that he does (or does not) love you?

Running order:

The groups should make a short conclusion about what they have found out. Then you grab someone from the group (someone you know can take a joke) and you hold a water pistol to his head. Talk to the other group members: If I were a terrorist, if this weapon were real and if could blow this person's head off at any moment, would any of you swap places with him and sacrifice yourself for him? Is there anyone here who would do exactly that? Ask the boys: Is there anyone in your family who would do this? Maybe a friend or someone else? What about your worst enemy, would he die for you? Probably not!

Write the verses from 1.John 4,10 and Romans 5,8 on a film/blackboard and explain that God's love is a different kind of love. He proved this when he sent his son, Jesus Christ, into the world to die on a cross so that our sins could be taken away. According to the bible, we were enemies of God when Jesus died for us. Humans showed their hatred towards God through their ignorance and through constant working against God (that still applies today). God loves us - despite all of this. He wants us to accept his forgiveness and become his friend if we want to and if we ask him. Explain that God loves them now whether they choose to follow God or not – but they will not experience the presence of God until they deliver themselves to him - encourage them to think about this.

CRUNCH... holding hands

Aim: Boy/girl pairs must complete tasks as quickly as possible with their hands taped to together.

Length: 5 minutes

Material: Sticky tape, crackers, balloons and prizes


Place a row of chairs at one end of the room, one stool per couple. Approx. 5m away from the first row is a second row of chairs which crackers (or similar) on them. Another 5m away is a third row of chairs with a balloon on each chair.


Introduce the game as a game for real romantics. Choose boy/girl pairs whose hands to tape together with strong sticky tape (parcel tape). They should stand against the wall behind the first row of chairs. On your signal, the pairs must remove their shoes and stand on the first chair. Then the game carries on to the next stool where everyone has to eat a cracker. At the last stool everyone must blow up a balloon until it bursts. The winners are those who complete all of the tasks first without cheating. The prize should be something romantic (a love story or a big candy heart).

Rock Solid Club
This material was provided by the Christian Youth of Germany, the Rock Solid Club. The Rock Solid Club is a place where teenagers can experience something they do not experience anywhere else. There are crazy games, events and discussion groups and there is bible work...

There is a special club night for the Rockies every four weeks. Something crazy happens here such as a car race, pizza party, Banana-Joe or town rally. Rock Solid also means bringing fun back into youth work. The Rock Solid Club programs are specially developed to reach the particular questions, needs and interests of young people.

Worksheet 1 for valentines day

valentines day: true love

Mark down the score on the scale which shows how much you love someone

0 = Can’t stand him/her       5 = Quite OK       10 = My greatest love

Parents 0 2 4 6 8 10
Brother/sister 0 2 4 6 8 10
Rock Solid Team 0 2 4 6 8 10
God 0 2 4 6 8 10
Football 0 2 4 6 8 10
Favourite singer 0 2 4 6 8 10
Class teacher 0 2 4 6 8 10
Best friend 0 2 4 6 8 10
Favourite presenter 0 2 4 6 8 10
Caretaker 0 2 4 6 8 10
Prime Minister 0 2 4 6 8 10
________ 0 2 4 6 8 10

Worksheet 2 for valentines day

Valentines day

Wants at least three children Had a date this week Hates holding hands Has received a love letter before Is in love
Likes walking around town hand in hand Would like to go out with a film star Has kissed someone today Loves his parents Listened to a love song today
Has phoned an agony aunt before Likes love stories Is not in love Uses red lipstick Cries at romantic films
Draws lots of hearts on her school bag Believes that it is OK to kiss on the first date Has kissed in the cinema before Likes being hugged Fancies a teacher
Never wants to marry Believes in love at first sight Can talk to his parents about anything Would like to make Valentines day a national holiday Is sure that love can change the world

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