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World trip


The idea of this game is that the boys are the members of staff of a calendar printing company who are on a world trip. In order to finance the trip profitably, photos are taken along the way which will be printed in a travel calendar at a later date. The idea was sent in by Alexander D. from Neuweiler. This is his second contribution. Many thanks.

The function of the game:

The aim is to visit as many countries as possible. The boys should visit at least one country per continent. However not all countries can be flown to because some destinations have been taken out the travel brochure by the travel agency due to safety reasons.

The group decides which country they want to fly to by choosing a country in an atlas. The travel agent (=group leader) only says if it is possible or not. In each country, the groups must perform a task typical of this country. Depending on the tasks given, a photo is taken with a digital camera for documentation records.
Each picture is therefore worth real “cash” – this means that money (points) is paid out for each picture.

Aim of the game:

The groups must make money to finance the world trip. A little profit should also be made. The game is lost when the world trip can no longer be paid for.

For each task performed, a voucher worth 5.000 Euro is paid out (not in cash) and the world trip costs 25.000 Euro. No cash is paid out if the task is not completed correctly = 0 Euro.

The boys are split into two groups. This means that the winning group is the group who has the most profit at the end of the game. A new task cannot be started before an old one is completed apart from if the team pays a penalty of 5000 €. In addition, each group receives a voucher for a car trip. There are also some countries which have a hidden cash bonus (approx. 3 countries). However there are also approx. 3 countries where money is taken away (smaller countries) which costs 2.500 €.


Country Task
Russia It can become very cold in Russia and this is why a member of the group must pull on as many clothes as possible in layers. Only the clothes of the other boys are allowed (do not go beyond the underpants!!!) the picture should then be taken. Scoring: min. 5 layers.
China The language in China is very difficult. This means that the workers must make themselves understood with body language therefore – a pantomime game!!! Take a picture!
India A picture typical of India should be achieved which means it should look like „1001 Arabian nights“. A group member must sit on a carpet with a bare chest (in the meditation position). He should also wear a turban.
Germany The football world cup will take place in Germany this year; therefore the groups must take a picture of 3 football crazy fans (who have nothing to do with the group). Each fan should have at least 1 piece of fan clothing on.
France Take a typical French picture i.e. someone with a baguette and a good bottle of French wine in their hands. A scene.
Italy There are lots of artists in Italy; therefore a “beautiful” picture must be painted (A 4). It should be a painting of Italy with the boot shape and a flag. The picture should then be photographed.
Norway Take a picture of a Norwegian car. This means that the group must make a number plate with N-two letters and five numbers. The two letters should describe the car owner. Two members of the group must sit in the car and then a photo should be taken.
Sweden Sweden is famous for its antelope and the countryside – take a photo showing a scene from a deer hunt.
Brazil Brazil’s carnival is the famous and best in the world (especially in Rio de Janeiro) - take a photo of a carnival scene and make it as crazy as possible.
Argentina The Argentineans are football mad. Try to juggle at least 50 times – you have 3 tries! Take a photo of the juggling.
Columbia Columbia is well known for its coffee – take a picture of 3 different types of coffee beans.
USA According to the tales, America is a “country where the streets are paved with gold" and “a cultural country“(this means a country with people of all nationalities). Take picture of two different churches (the whole group does not go but the game carries on when the picture is taken.)
Canada Find 3 people and take photos – the people must have nothing to do with the boys group. The 3 people must hold a piece of paper with the Canadian flag drawn on it.
Mexico Try to take a typically Mexican photo i.e. a Mexican dozing under a tree with a bottle of whisky in his hand and his sombrero pulled over his face.
England Translate 10 English words in German within 120 seconds. Assistance: A dictionary
South Africa South Africa used to be a country of opposites. On one hand there were the white farmers and on the other the black slaves. Take a picture which represents these strong contrasts.
Mauritius Mauritius is famous for its beautiful beaches. There is always a holiday mood in Mauritius – this means that you should take a picture of a holiday scene (let your fantasy run wild).
Sudan Sudan is the poorest country in the world. Take a picture which shows the poverty and which makes people think about the situation and encourages them to give to charity.
Australia Take a picture of three people who do not have anything to do with the group. All 3 people (can also be pictured individually) should be wearing kangaroo ears (self made). Australia is famous for its kangaroos.
Spain Spain is well known for its party locations such as Ibiza – take a picture of a pretty girl with a member of the group in her arms (under 30 years old).
The Netherlands Holland is known for its number of caravans. Take 5 pictures of different makes of cars (different models).
New Zealand 2.500 € bonus
Ukraine 2000 € bonus
Morocco 1000 € bonus
Algeria 2.500 € penalty
Indonesia 1.500 € penalty
Ecuador 500 € penalty


  • Account book
  • Min. 2 cameras
  • Pantomime phrases for both groups - (the same) 5 phrases
  • Paper
  • Carpet
  • Min. 2 cars
  • Football
  • Stopwatch
  • Vouchers
  • Sticky tape, glue and film paper if required
  • At least 2 atlases
  • If possible - 2 copied maps of the world

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