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“Youth Research”


“What happens when...?”

The motto of the whole evening is: What happens when...? This motto is presented with different experiments and presentations etc. Several demonstration experiments are shown. The rest of the experiments are undertaken by two competing research teams into the boys are split.

  1. Welcome

    The attending scientists are welcomed to the “Youth Research” evening. There is a big speech about the most important questions for mankind: What happens when...

    • ... you try to light a fart?
    • ... you change to reverse gear while doing 150 km/h on the motorway?
    • ... etc.
  2. Demonstrational experiment:

    An ice cube is placed on a bottle. The group members are allowed to estimate the time it takes to fall into the bottle. The estimated times are noted down. The experiment goes on in the background but the progress is constantly checked.

  3. Demonstrational experiment:

    The scientific leaders present the next test. Test with amusing graphics, diagrams and calculations are explained and presented:

    A glass bottle is rinsed out with white spirit. A flame is held on the bottle top and then an egg is immediately placed on the bottle.

  1. Youth research (part 1)

    The two research teams have received their first research job: What happens when a piece of toast with jam is dropped? In order to carry out their job the children receive research material (magnifying glass, paper, ruler...) and material und Material for the presentation. They should do different experiments with the height of the drop, the thickness of the jam etc. and then present their results amusingly. The toast can also be eaten afterwards.

  2. Presentation

    The research groups present their results.

  3. Short info

    A few records relating to the human body are presented for fun.

    The human being – what happens when…?

    • ... We don’t stop growing?
      Then we will become 6 meters tall and 250kg.
    • ... We cough?
      The air in the lungs shoots through the airways at 900km/h.
    • ... we sneeze?
      Air comes out of our nose at 170km/h.
    • ... We lay out our body’s DNA in a row?
      We would have a chain as long as the distance between earth and sun.
    • ... We unfold the brain?
      We could carpet a 20m² room with brain.
    • ... We measure the speed of a nerve impulse?
      We see that it happens at the speed of light.
    • ... We count how many a heart beats in a lifetime?
      It beats approx 2.5 billion times.
    • ... We count how many times we breathe per day?
      We breathe approx 21000 times.
    • ... We never cut our hair?
      We will have a 9.2 meter long mane.
    • ... We measure how much sweat we produce?
      One human could fill a tanker with 14000 litres in his lifetime.
    • ... We never cut our nails?
      We would have 3.9 meter long nails.
    • ... We measure how far we walk in our lifetime?
      Once around the world so approx. 40000 km.
    • ... We count up how many hours we sleep?
      We could approx 25 years at once.
    • ... We never wash?
      Then we stink like a beast.
  4. Youth research (part 2)

    The second research job with a concluding presentation is: What happens if sherbet is dropped into mineral water?

  5. Devotion

    On „The ten healed of leprosy“ (Luke 17, 11-19) – What happens when...?


  • Flipchart, diagrams, sketches
  • Ice cubes, bottle, watch
  • Bottle, spirit, hard-boiled egg, lighter
  • Magnifying glass, paper, watches, rulers, disposable gloves, ...
  • Toast, toaster, jam
  • Records relating to the body
  • Mineral water, sherbet

Author: This entry came from Christopher M. who has also provided many other ideas for us. Many thank for this and other contributions.

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