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Six years old suspended from school for a hand kiss

Red Card: A six years old boy suspended from school for a hand kiss Bild: 40861996
Red Card: A six years old boy suspended from school for a hand kiss
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December 2013 The media was filled with this following story:
A 6-year-old boy, attending grade 1, gave his girlfriend a kiss and was subsequently suspended from school for one day. The teacher condemned his actions, classified them as sexual harassment and imposed a disciplinary measure of a one-day expulsion. As if that was not enough, he also received an entry of a “serious offence” (sexual harassment) into his school record. That boy and girl described each other as a boy- and girlfriend, respectively, did not matter. In an interview, the boy apologized for his “wrongdoing and stated, that he was sorry.” The school said that it will renounce any further action against the boy once the kissing stops.

I just shook my head when I read this story. In reality nothing happened. Quite the contrary: the boy expressed his love and affection for the girl in a loving, innocent kiss on the hand. Now - the boy has to apologize for something you do not have to apologize (video on youtoube).

No! Such a kiss of love reminds us to treat each other lovingly. How many people are in need of that? It seems fight, aggression, violence and lack of love is what counts - rather than a loving kiss.

On can only wonder what such a disciplinary measure, this conviction of a one-day suspension triggers in the boy? A great deal of uncertainty, fear in regard to love and tenderness. Maybe he will be plagued for life with guilt that with this kiss he did something reprehensible to the girl.

You might say, well, that's just America! Far from it. In many other countries, a kiss can be a serious matter. For example, a teenager ended up in prison for posting a Facebook-Kiss-Photo.

While, in my opinion, those two boys should not go to jail for their “offence”, we need to concider, the article is only seen from a Western point of view. This does not take into account that in Muslim countries, with much different customs, this is an offence. The standards of how women and men behave in public are very, very different.

Fortunately, in our country we have not come that far (yet). Even though, teens’ “face-sucking” photos are not very well received in the adult world. However, who was not once young and in love? And frankly, they who can express their affection in the form of a hug, a kiss - seem to have fewer hang-ups than the one who sees this as something reprehensible. Still, through these messages, by this condemnation it will - at least in this one little boy – leave a permanent fear to make a mistake. Even more so, maybe everything that has to do with sex, will be reprehensible for the boy from here on.

While those “face-sucking photos” in themselves are not really concerning, I think it is worth mentioning, that these pictures have the potential to get out of hand and cross the fine line to sexting. Most of us know the effect of intimate photos can have on the individual. Besides, as soon as those photos are uploaded to the net, they become part of the public domain and there they stay there forever. It is further to consider, that more and more (potential) employers check Facebook sites of their employees. A “face-sucking” photo certainly does not make for a good resume. My advice would be, when in doubt, don’t do it. After all, just because we can do something, does not mean we have to do it as well. This popular topic has a high potential to engage your youth in a discussion night.

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