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Dangerous Game?

Throwing an axe or knife, archery or javelin; who does not know that? Whenever teenager goes on a camp, they will take up the opportunity to play around with an axe or knife. For example, they will try to throw the axe into a tree stump or carve something out of a piece of wood with the knife.

Throwing a knife
Throwing a knife

They may also throw a knife between the splayed feet of a peer. – Of course, without hurting the other child. With every throw, the feet of the other kid are getting closer together. These are potentially dangerous games. While they were common years ago, today it would be unthinkable having kids playing such games.

However, there is a less dangerous variation to this game. For example, instead of the knife, you can use wooden stakes and instead of the feet of another kid, you can use crates. Here the same applies, with every throw the crates are getting closer together. The objective of this game would be, who can throw the stakes into the narrowest space between the crates? Who manages the most throws? If the stake does not stick into the ground, this child will be eliminated.

Archery, Javelin, axe throwing are not less dangerous and should be performed only under the supervision of and compliance with safety precautions.


  • All spectators must line up behind and slightly aside from the contestant. Keep in mind the line behind the thrower can be just as dangerous.

  • On both sides of the target, you must observe a safety distance. After all, any axe or knife could ricochet from the target.

Competitive games (suitable for an Indian day):

  • With an axe (we used a self-made Tomahawk from plywood) trying to knock over cans from a 5m distance.

  • A spear is thrown as far as possible or trying to throw the spear through a ring.

  • Archery, it all depends on the arrow. Either shoot it as far or as high as possible.

  • For the knife throwing, we tied balloons to the wall and tried to hit them. Every balloon scored one point.

throw a knife between the splayed feet of a peer.
Dangerous knifegame: throw a knife between the splayed feet of a peer

Throwing an axe or knife
Throwing an axe or knife

These games promote the fine- and gross-motor skills and are a lot of fun at the same time. Nevertheless, you should talk to the kids about the dangers and point out that these games are otherwise taboo.

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