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Rope Jumping - not always a breeze

Rope Jumping
Rope Jumping | ©:

Rope jumping is ancient and yet still a challenge.

The rope jumping is an ancient game that everyone started to play in kindergarten already. Therefore, rope jumping games are also starting, whenever possible, at the kindergarten age. However, if you are tempted to think, rope jumping is only for kids, then you are mistaken. After all, rope jumping games can be expanded almost indefinitely, and all sorts of hurdles and variations can be implemented. That will cover various skills levels of kids. Just recently, the rope jumping has been the subject of a competition about “Small against Big”. However, the candidates have to stand on an SUP-Board (Stand-up Paddling Board) and complete the task of rope jumping this way. The challenger, a 13-year-old boy, won against the adults.

Games and different applications for Rope Jumping

60 seconds Challenge

How many jumps, can the candidate complete within 60 seconds. The candidate stands on the floor. Within 60 seconds, there are 120 or more jumps possible depending on skill.

Rope Jumping
Rope Jumping | ©:

Couple Challenge

Two people standing side by side and holding a rope jointly (one with the left, the other with the right hand). Now both begin to start to rope jump in tandem. The difficulty with this approach is that both have to synchronise their movements so that the rope can travel an even circle.

Couple Challenge 2

Two people stand close behind each other. The front person is holding the rope in his hand. The objective is for both to jump simultaneously. However, only one of them goes through the typical movements of rope jumping.

Team Challenge - equal to 4 variants

Rope Jumping
Rope Jumping | ©:

A long rope (about 6 feet) is attached to a tree. At the other end is the group leader who swings the rope in even strokes. The objective is for kids to come from the outside and jump over the swinging rope without getting tangled up.

  • Variant: Instead of one after another, all team members stand next to each other. The team leader swings the rope and then they all jump at once at the right time. How many times can they jump without getting tangled up?

  • Variant: Again, the rope swings ongoingly. The objective no is for each kid to run to the rope, in on one side and out on the other without touching the rope.

Rope Jumping
Rope Jumping | ©:

  • Variant: Always 2 team members jumping together. The difficulty, however, is, that the 2 kids must change their place. They can stand next to each other or behind; the most important thing is that they change place without touching the rope.


First, attach a small weight, for example, a sock filled with sand to a 40 – 50 cm rope. Next, the team leader starts to swing the rope. Successively the kids enter the “swing area” and jump over the rope. The objective is that at the end, all kids should line up in a circle. Or how many jumps can be done without the rope getting tangled up.

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