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Croquet is an excellent ball game for the entire group and promotes some skills.
French Croquet


In the 16th or 17th century, the grass game croquet (French Croquet) developed out of the Paille Maille, in which wooden balls were knocked over the playing field with a wooden mallet. In the 19th century, Croquet was popular among the French middle class.

In this game, coloured balls are hit with special hammer-shaped wooden clubs in a predetermined order of the target rods, attached to metal hoops which have to be played to the last hoop at the goal.

There are points to collect, whoever, who manages to finish first wins the game.

Here are somewhat simplified rules:

  1. The starting rod determents the starting point.

  2. Each player has 3 balls (alternatively: only one ball), which the player brings into the game one after the other.

  3. Playing through the hoops in the given order and direction is necessary.

  4. After the last hoop, the ball must touch the goal rod.

  5. Each player has one go. If the ball goes through the hoop, you get a second go

  6. Touching somebody else's balls with the mallet is not allowed.

  7. The pushing of the balls is not allowed.

  8. If the own ball hits another ball after the strike, then he has to put his ball to the other players' ball in a way that they touch. Then he strikes his ball with the mallet in a manner that the other ball rolls off and hits his ball once again. The aim is always t get the ball through the next hoop or at least close to it.

  9. Rocketing or croqueting is only possible once per turn unless you pass a goal. With some skill, you can get far!


Different scores are possible, depending on how you want to play and whether you want to play with 1, 2 or 3 balls.

  • Who gets the first 2 balls to the finish wins.

  • Who manages to score with the fewest strokes?

  • Who will be the first to reach the goal?

French Croquet
French Croquet


Croquet is an excellent ball game for the entire group and promotes some skills. It takes a specific tactic to get the balls into position so that you can get it to the next hoop while at the same time block the opponent's way to the next hoop.

Judgment and feel when swinging and hitting the ball are necessary to influence the speed of the ball, as well as to take into account the consideration of uneven floors.

Concentration and precision are also challenged.

Other versions and further information

There are some variations on how to play Croquet. Bike-croquet is played while riding a bike. The rules stay the same.

Swing golf is similar to the traditional golfing, where a ball is hit to reach a defined goal over long distances.

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