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stunt skite at the beach

Stunt kites — fun and a challenge for everyone

When I was a child, we only had small kites on a long line. We used to fly these in an open field, far away from power lines and trees. The goal was to have the line as long as possible and flying the kite as high as possible.

Later, stunt kites came along. That was, of course, a completely different caliber. We always took stunt kites with us on our Atlantic vacation trips to the sea. On the large, partly deserted sandy beaches, the stunt kites could be tried out very well.

stunt skite
stunt skite: best time in autum

In this article, I would like to inspire you for a group afternoon or a program item of your leisure time on the topic “Let the roofs rise” or “Stunt kite contest.”

What skills will be promoted?

I would say some dexterity, strength, technique, and gross motor skills will be promoted. In addition, skills to assessing physical forces such as wind, speed, coordination, reaction, and creativity in dealing with the kite and the elements are also required.

In this activity, frustration about false starts, flight accidents, and feelings of success about skillful openings and beautiful flight figures alternate. And with time and skill, the experiences of success outweigh the frustrations.

Teamwork, but also a consideration for bystanders or other people with their kites, is practiced.

What is unique about flying a stunt kite?

Fun and the challenge to move the kite as long as possible, as undamaged as possible, and through beautiful flight movements as creatively as possible along the sky are paramount. The fact that you are in the fresh air in nature is a beneficial side effect. In addition, there is the fascination of flying, feeling free like a bird, even if you remain on the ground. The occupation with the kite and the concentration on the flight movements are relaxing and let you switch off.

stunt skite
stunt skite: challenging to fly the stunt skite

Safety notice

It goes without saying that no kites can fly near high-voltage power lines, railroad tracks, roads, or trees. But also, the distance to bystanders must be observed, nor may dangerously flight movements be carried out close to these persons. Your own safety, but also a consideration for the safety of others, has top priority.

Material & Costs:

When buying a kite, sound quality is essential. If you are unsure, you can get advice from the relevant specialized store. Large kites are less maneuverable, while small kites are livelier. Whether large or small kites are easy to fly is something everyone must find out for themselves.

There are kites for children, beginners, and advanced, depending on the intended use of different designs. But I think that is then more something for the freaks who want to try everything possible.

The cost ranges from 30 to well over 100 euros.

stunt skite
stunt skite: first try

stunt skite
stunt skite: starting problem?

Stunt kite contest

Whether you want to start a contest or just get the kite in the air and fly as long as possible will be decided with time and the enthusiasm and motivation to face more challenges with the aircraft.

The now briefly outlined flight figures could then be included in a competition.

Flight figures and tasks:

  • Flying a kite from right to left and back again.

  • Holding the kite vertically above you

  • Loop the kite (pull a string) and fly the same number of loops back again.v Let the kite fly just above the ground.

  • First, fly horizontally and then pull it steeply upwards.

  • Let the kite fly as long as possible.

  • Keep the kite in one place above the ground for as long as possible.

  • Make a soft landing. While doing this, let the kite fly out of the wind to the right or left.

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