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Airfield hockey table

Admittedly, if you are thinking about buying an airfield hockey table, you will need space for it. But for youth centers with adequate space for games, it would be a great idea to get an airfield hockey table.

Because airfield hockey is a top-rated game for children and teenagers, it requires a super-fast reaction to shoot the puck with the pusher into the opposite goal. However, the goal is more of a slot and only about 1 cm high. The puck (63 mm diameter, 5 mm high) may only be touched with the pusher (93 mm diameter and with a "handle"). However, touching does not mean leading, but really "pushing" — i.e., giving the puck a short and crisp push so that it whizzes over the board in the direction of the opponent's goal. But he can also take the detour over the boards. This is reminiscent of mathematics: the angle of incidence equals the exit angle — or something like that. It also deceives the opponent. Because the opponent must react quickly if the puck comes from a different direction than initially assumed. You see: Airfield hockey is not for lame ducks. It is a high-speed game that requires concentration and an even faster reaction.

What makes the puck so fast?

This is simply because the airfield hockey tables have a super-smooth surface peppered with many small holes from which air flows. As a result, the puck glides smoothly and quickly over the surface. As if on a cushion of air, however, without friction losses.

Tables & Versions:

Airfield hockey game tables come in a variety of designs. It is ultimately a question of space. The small tables (approx. 100×60cm) are suitable for children, the party cellar, or the youth center. However, the large tables (approx. 195 cmx90 cm) are better. Small tables are not as much fun as the big airfield hockey tables, but they are sufficient for children and fit into a children's room.

Airfield hockey tables are available with and without a blower, with or without their own counter. It is all a question of price. As with foosball tables, the tables must be heavy and stable if they are to be used in the youth area.

Building instructions for an Air-Hockey table

On YouTube, I found a construction manual to build an airfield hockey table by yourself. But honestly, that is only for very well-equipped woodworkers. You also must get a quiet motor for the blower. Who tries it with the vacuum cleaner will not have much fun!

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