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Foosball table

There is a foosball table (table soccer) in almost every youth center. It is less significant compared to a pool table, so it takes up less space. The purchase price is also lower, as well as the running costs for replacement materials. Younger kids can also let off steam at a foosball table. In contrast, a pool table is more suitable for young people who know how to handle cue and billiard cloth with care.

table soccer
Table soccer: Table soccer tournaments are also an excellent program item.

Foosball table for youth groups

Foosball tables for youth centers or schools must be sturdily built—the heavier, the better and more stable. The prices are depending on the design in the 3-to-4-digit range. Depending on size, design, quality, ball bearings, etc., the prices go up.

We bought our first table as a discarded model from a vending machine manufacturer. It already had a few quirks but was suitable for play, and, above all, it was stable.

Table Football
Table Football

Of course, there are also foosball tables for younger children. They are smaller and lighter, and less stable. However, I would never use them for continuous use. But for the private area to play with family or friends, it is, of course, sufficient.

Fun factor and engagement factor guaranteed

With a foosball table, 4 to 12 people can easily keep themselves busy. Why? Quite simply, 4 people can play simultaneously, and if the kids organize a small tournament, 3-4 teams are gathered around the table.

Table soccer tournaments are also an excellent program item. Together with table tennis or a billiard table, it is ideal for organizing a tournament evening. There are also table football tournaments in which different youth groups, youth houses play against each other for a challenge cup.

Or we have also held table football tournaments, where children and young people from the municipality could register. Various sponsors donated prizes. Even such an idea is an excellent opportunity to do some "outdoor advertising."

What skills are required for table football?

Of course, reaction, concentration, and the skill to guide the game poles with the figurines so that the ball is played in the direction of the opponent's goal.

Beginners will still turn the poles like crazy in the beginning. With time, even these players will learn how to guide the ball and get it into the opponent's goal with a lightning-fast short impulse — without cranking the bar.

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