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Swim tournament
Swim tournament
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Group program in February: indoor pool visit

In the summer we go to the outdoor pool, the nearby lake or river, in winter, however, we visit the (spa) indoor swimming pool or water park.

indoor pool visit with childrens
indoor pool visit with childrens
©: Stephanie Hofschlaeger,

What are the important issues to look out for?

  • Only children who can swim. A written parental consent is very useful.

  • You should take an additional 1-2 youth workers to ensure proper supervision.

  • Of course, this also depends on the number of children attending.

  • Let the lifeguard know that you are here with a group of young people so can help looking after the children.

  • You have to tell the children beforehand that there are rules and regulations as well as they have to show considerations for other bathers. In the heat of battle that does not work, but a short reminder now and then about what was said will help to recall what was said.

  • The youth workers must pay close attention to the kids, to catch high-spirited actions before they get out of hand. For example, a chase around the pool can lead to dangerous falls. A somersault from the edge of the pool can lead to head injuries. Or even endangering other bathers. It all happened before.

  • Financing of the event: either everyone pays his own entry or it could be paid from the petty cash of the youth group. Always ask for a group discount.

  • To get the kids there and back home again, you could organize a few parents.

What’s there to do in the indoor pool?

This depends a bit on the indoor pool itself. Is there a slide, springboards or other possibilities, then you most likely do not need to organize separate games. Kids will be busy with the slides and doing other stuff. However, as the youth worker you are responsible that that the kids behave at all times and show considerations towards other guests. Particular if the pool is well attended.

Hoop games in the water
Hoop games in the water
©: Klaus Steves,

If there are no slides or unlocked diving towers, then you have to come up with some classic ideas to keep the kids entertained. In our youth group, the kids liked the following games:

  • Water Ball or Water Polo with throwing a ring

  • Diving through hoops

  • Diving for rings and bringing them to the surface

  • Battle for the swimming mats (lilos)

  • Battle of the Riders: play only in the middle of the pool and only then when the pool is half empty to not disturb other guests.

  • Diverse swimming relay games: you can find more in the category: Water games.

water battle
water battle
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