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Finger puppets as Easter decorations or for children to play with

Finger puppets as Easter decoration picture Nr.: 49651
Finger puppets as Easter decoration | ©: Hans Braxmeier on Pixabay

What you need:

  • Colorful fabric scraps felt scraps

  • Sewing thread all colors
  • Sewing needles
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Felt tip pens

Now you can start!

  1. First, use the scissors to cut out half arcs from the fabric remnants, which are about 3 cm wide on the straight side and 3 cm high at the arch's apex. Two of these arcs make the body for a finger puppet.

  2. Now you can cut out eyes, noses, mouths, and ears from the fabric scraps with the scissors, thinking first about which animal the finger puppet should be. Since Easter is just around the corner, the Easter Bunny is a natural choice. However, other animals can also be depicted, such as chicks or hens. Bunnies and chickens are easy to make, as they have striking features. The hare has large, elongated ears and a round nose; the chicken has the red cockscomb and a pointed beak.

  3. Now you sew the two half bows together, whereby the lower, straight end must remain open because here you put the finger in. Depending on the animal, the ears or cockscomb are placed within the upper halves and then sew them together.

  4. Now that the rabbit or chicken head is ready, he still needs eyes, nose, and mouth, wherein the chicken nose and mouth are one. These parts are simply glued on.

  5. The final touch is given with a felt-tip pen, for example, by painting on eyebrows or whiskers on the rabbit.

Such a finger puppet can be made relatively quickly and does not require great needle and thread skills from the children. The fun factor is high because after finishing, the children can play with the finger puppets, whether alone, in pairs, or in a group.

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