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Racetracks - Carrera race

Racetracks - Carrera race
Racetracks - Carrera race

A Carrera race is an excellent social event for the colder season. To do that, it is, needless to say, that one needs to own a racetrack. If you don’t, you have two options here: you either purchase one or you ask around, who in the youth group has got one and would be able to bring it around. If there are several kids, who could bring bits and pieces you have to make sure, that the pieces are from one manufacturer and indeed fit together. Ensuring, that individual parts and cars are not mixed up in the end it is recommendable to mark them with a tape and write the name on it with a Sharpie. Usually, with only 2-3 racetracks you are already able to build a sizable track. For the said "race meeting" bring all track parts well ahead of time. Building the racetrack will be a group event.

Depending on the number of kids in your group, they are forming racing teams and compete against each other.

  • Using a stopwatch and/or a lap counter you can come up with different evaluations.

  • Which team will make 50 laps in the shortest time possible?

  • The winning team stays at the start and compete against the next team.

  • Each team competes against every team. Each winner receives a point. Which team has the most points in the end?

Racetracks - Carrera race
Racetracks - Carrera race

What is so special about such a race?

Firstly, not every child/every young person has a car racing track at home and thereby can try it out at the youth centre. Of course, those who do have a racing track at home have the advantage of more practice. You could take this fact into account when you put the different teams together.

On the other hand, operating and controlling the race course requires concentration, a sense of speed, responsiveness, skill and consideration of the centrifugal forces. Fine motor skills are needed for the speed controller. However, a calmer approach and a more considered driving might give the less experienced some advantage, but practice they will need.

Last but not least: a race on the Carrera racetrack is always better than a virtual car racing on any PC or game console. The fun and the more “humanly” approach with real conversations can’t be replaced by any virtual game.


If no racetracks available, then maybe you could organise 1-3 remote control cars to serve as a substitute. Again, you can build a track using building blocks, or other available objects to mark the racetrack.

Again, several evaluations are possible:

  • 2-3 remote control cars compete against each other

  • One remote control car at the time is manoeuvred through the obstacle courses as quickly and with as little errors as possible.

  • Who achieves the fastest lap time?

  • Who makes the most laps in 5 minutes?

More than a group meeting – make it a race event

Carrera race tournament
Carrera race tournament

Instead as a simple group meeting, you also could implement this racing experience on a larger scale as an event.

All children and young people who want to participate are invited to come along. There are also prizes to be won. At the same time, use this event to advertise for your youth group or club.

However, that also means much more organization well in advance.

  • Find sponsors to donate prizes or trophies.

  • Distribute promotional flyers, possibly hang up posters, and address the local press to point out about your event.

  • Welcome registrations

  • Create a schedule as well as an evaluation plan

  • Prepare certificates for the participants as well as for the winners

  • If necessary, consider a framework programme

  • The racetrack must be built professionally and wit high quality. Have ready replacement cars, spare-speed controllers, as well as spare parts just in case anything fails during the race. If you want to hold an event like this several times, it might be worth purchasing a higher quality racetrack.

Maybe you want to start off small and for the next time plan a slightly larger event. Then take it from there. One thing, however, is certain, the kids will have fun!

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