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letter and word puzzle
letter and word puzzle: find the secret sentence

Quiz night - exciting and varied

Usually, knowledge questions are not so popular with the kids because they remind too much of school. Nevertheless, quizzes can be designed fascinatingly and funny.

Program Event Quiznight

Additionally, the children play in teams. That gives them the choice to deliberate and vote on the question. Therefore, someone who does not know as much, is likely not to be as obvious. Since the tasks may vary, this does not only make the knowledgeable genius in demand but other skills such as for mind games, spatial imagination, or good olfactory (guess & estimation tasks), representation skills (Drawing & Pantomime representation) are sought after. I think this blend of different tasks is what makes the evening exciting. The following ideas will last you for 3-4 quiz nights, one or the other idea you can use as a standalone game at a tournament with different stations.

Designing options

City - Land - River - People - History - Animals (The Big Prize) Just as at the Grand Prix different categories are defined with different levels of difficulty. Each with their own set of points to win. 20 - 40 - 60-80 – 100.

The group selects a category as well as a difficulty level and tries to solve the respective questions. If they succeed, they collect their point.

After that the opposite team must select and try to answer the question. Game variations: happiness questions, Joker questions where they immediately can earn the points, or even can double the points.


Someone asks a question and gives 3 possible answers. The groups have 10 seconds to decide on of the above-mentioned answers. Then they moved on one of the three fields (1-2- or -3) which are painted on the floor. The group gets one point for every correct answer.

Drawing and Guessing Game
Drawing and Guessing Game


One group member paints a phrase or term on the blackboard. The rest of the group has to guess what the drawing means. How many terms can be guessed in 5 minutes? After that one member of the other group can draw a new term.

To increase the level of difficulty quite significantly, use a laser pointer (or flashlight) to paint on the ceiling or wall.

Quiz station – Centre Rally

Distributed throughout the centre create 3-4 quiz stations. At each station, the kids have 10-15 minutes to solve the task. Needless to say, the following ideas are also suitable for an outdoor rally.

  • Quiz station 1: Numeracy & conundrums

  • Quiz station 2: Animal Tracks & Plants & Trees

  • Quiz station 3: Guessing & Estimating (peas, matches, amount of money in a jar, smelling spices)

  • Quiz station 4: Rebus & Differentiations

  • Quiz station 5: classical knowledge questions, each with 5 questions on the following topics (City - Land - River - People - History - Animals - Religion)

  • Quiz station 6: solving mind games

  • Quiz station 7: Letters Memory, solving memory pictures

Do you know the animal footprint?
Do you know the animal footprint?

Quiz: rate the peas
Quiz: rate the peas

Smell the spice
Smell the spice

Guessing pantomimes

Analogue to Pictionary, the terms must be presented as a pantomime and be guessed by the remaining team members.


With the help of the game, “Taboo” terms must be guessed. However, certain keywords, suggested on the card are not allowed. Even though, that is more like a party game, but, given the games “Taboo” is available, it can be implemented spontaneously.

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